Official News 01.02.2018 Blockchain Technology Changing the Future

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    You can join MMM and earn a high percentage of the help provided in one of two possible ways: using either conventional bank transfers or cryptocurrencies. Using cryptocurrencies is safer, more profitable and a lot more promising.

    Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, are based on the blockchain technology. Blockchain is a public common database. This is a ledger that stores details of each completed transaction. It registers transaction details and timing. This database cannot possibly be forged — it's protected mathematically. All transactions are transparent — there are no intermediaries, paperwork and other delays.
    The Blockchain technology could be used to advantage in sectors other than the financial one. The IT crowd already works on implementing it in other areas of life.

    Distributed data storage
    Many experts believe that in three to five years storing data in the blockchain will be universally accepted. The cloud storages we're accustomed to are centralized — users have to trust service providers who manage their online assets.

    The Blockchain gets rid of the centralization part — users become independent of any third parties. Data is protected using hash codes — no one except the data owner will see the data unless they know the code.

    Digital Identification
    The Blockchain guarantees network security. Information theft is a pressing problem in today's world. Fraudsters steal one in three dollars stored on the Web. The Blockchain will render theft virtually impossible.

    The Blockchain technology uses digital identification that makes logging into accounts safe and prevents fraudsters from obtaining account details. With this level of safety, it's even OK to store top secrets online.

    Digital voting
    The Blockchain will make elections fair. It will rule out any fraud or vote rigging. Each vote will be successfully sent to the database while remaining anonymous. It won't be possible to vote twice or use someone else's vote. There will be no need to contest election legality.

    These are just a few examples of how you can use the Blockchain technology — in reality there's a hundred times more ways to do that. This technology has a huge potential. Therefore, join in forging the new future — contribute to MMM using cryptocurrency, thus developing the Blockchain technology, earn a high percentage of the help provided and make the world a better place!
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