Official News 01.03.2018 Blockchain technology: a world without intermediaries

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    There are two ways to participate in МММ: traditional money and a cryptocurrency. We recommend using the second way - cryptocurrencies, since they are more reliable, faster and safer.

    Safety is important when carrying out financial transactions, and centralised servers, which rule the world, don’t guarantee 100% users’ safety.

    Centralised system risks

    A customary centralised data communications system is based on trust. Web servers, which encrypted information is transmitted to, are managed by a man or a group of people trusting one another - chief sysadmins. These chief sysadmins can see transmitted information without encryption and have complete access to it.

    Eventually, Web users are vulnerable for such people. Trust is trust, but still you shouldn’t rely entirely on insiders decency. Besides, experienced hackers can easily crack a centralised server - even with a high security level. As you see - risks exist. So far Web users have had no choice but to expose themselves to danger. Now situation is changing thanks to Blockchain technology.

    Blockchain will ensure minimal risk levels

    Blockchain network consists of computers that are well protected by cryptographic keys. Such keys practically can’t be hacked - the risk of getting information by hackers tends to zero.

    The second aspect of security is the absence of centralization. A Blockchain computer as opposed to a web server is not controlled by an admin or any other authorised person. Data is delivered between computers directly which comply with a strict mathematical algorithm.

    Whereas each computer monitors the work of others. Such mechanism excludes data leakage - no third parties will be able to use it. Transactions are made at a high reliability and safety level.

    Blockchain technology will profoundly change financial, social and political mechanisms - they will be simple, transparent and safe. Participate in MMM, get high interest rates of the Provide Help amount and use progressive cryptocurrencies based on Blockchain technology.
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