Official News 01.09.2017 4 Methods to Ensure Maximum Protection from a Bank Card Hack

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    Imagine you've had a nice dinner, watched your favorite TV show and went to bed in a great mood. And then, in the morning, you were woken up by a text about all money withdrawn from your bank card. Like mad, you dash to your wallet and look for the card, but it's long gone — stolen.

    But how could they take all the money? Sometimes standard protection, e. g. a PIN code, isn't enough, and hackers may still withdraw the money. Let's look into how you can protect your card and leave fraudsters without a single chance.
    • Issue a separate card to make payments online. Disable CVV code payments online for your main card. Issue a new card for online transactions and keep it somewhere safe. Take it with you only if you really need to.
    • Enable PIN code protection for each transaction. It'll help you protect your money if your card is stolen. If you don't enable such protection, fraudsters will find a way to transfer money using transactions with no PIN code protection.
    • Use a complex password for online banking. Fraudsters use software codes and hack passwords in a matter of seconds if these passwords are not complex enough. Passwords like “qwerty” or your date of birth are too easy to hack. Think of a password that would be over 12 characters long and would include lower and upper case letters, digits and special characters, and don't use it elsewhere — neither at the post office, nor in the social networks.
    • Enable Mandatory SMS-Confirmation of Transactions. It's a great method of protection when in addition to the PIN code for each transaction you also have to enter an SMS code. A fraudster won't be able to steal your money if they don't have access to your SIM-card.
    There's one more tip. Highjacking the details of a contactless bank card doesn't require stealing it. Savvy conmen use a special device — a contactless reader — that can read these details. To protect your contactless card, carry it with a usual one, preferably in the same wallet pocket. This way conmen will get an error as readers cannot receive signals from two cards simultaneously.

    Follow these recommendations to protect yourself from conmen. Then, if you contribute to MMM by using your bank cards, you won't need to worry about the safety of your funds.
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