Official News 01.10.2016 In October, we celebrate three years of MMM Brazil

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    MMM Brazil was opened in October 2013. During these three years, we overcame many difficulties, ups and downs. But it didn't disturb our development in this beautiful country.For every Internet project three years - is a respectable period. No one pyramid and no one HYIP outlast even a year. MMM exists six years yet, 3 of which we develop Brazil. It seems that MMM is a serious and stable system, isn't it? Of course - 118 countries where 200 mln people participate prove it.

    MMM Community prepared three gifts to Brazilian participants due to the anniversary of MMM Brazil.

    1. We begin the new step of development, successful explosion, with the help of the best Columbian leaders, who acceded the proposition to visit Brazil and to teach the local participants some features of the system development.
    2. We will gather the new team of leaders who can become the successful guiders. Just in October, we will open the Leader School in Brazil, and everyone can free master skills to work in the system and not only here.
    3. We start up the congratulatory action that will act during October - "3 years of MMM Brazil". According to the conditions - everyone who will provide help in October, will get an additional bonus 10% to mavro bought in October. So instead of normal 30%, you will get 40%, and providing help in btc — you will get 43%.

    MMM Community, the founder Sergey Mavrody and the administrator of the Latin America Adelina Rodriguez congratulate all participants and guiders of MMM Brazil and wish successful development of the system.

    We change the world, as people must live better!
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