Official News 01.11.2017 How to Protect Your Card Before Going Abroad

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    Imagine you have received help via MMM and can finally fulfil your life-long dream of travelling to a foreign country. On the third day of your vacation you're taking more interesting photos and feeling how happy you are!

    Suddenly, you find out your bank card has been stolen. In 5 minutes, you receive a text message about your card being used to pay a large sum of money for a hotel and car renting services (conmen know lots of ways to use a stolen card with no need to enter the PIN code). It instantaneously wipes the smile off your face — could it be any different? After all, you have been robbed of all your money and left penniless in a foreign country.

    Take care of protecting your money before you go
    • Set a limit on payments and cash withdrawal. Ask a bank employee to do it or do it yourself via an online banking system. For instance, indicate that the payment limit for the card is 150 dollars per day. Even if thieves can steal your card, they won't be able to withdraw the entire balance amount. The limit will protect the balance while you can discover the card is missing and request to lock it.
    • Set up a savings account. Transfer your funds to the account and use it to safekeep large amounts. A savings account is not linked to your card: you cannot use it to pay for something you buy or withdraw cash. Even if thieves can steal your card, they won't be able to spend your money. Before going shopping as planned, just transfer funds from the account to the card via an online banking system.
    • Get an additional bank card. The best option is getting 2 or 3 cards, setting limits for each of them and keeping them in different places. Even if one is stolen, you can lock it and continue with your vacation while safekeeping most of your funds on other cards.

    You now know three efficient ways to secure your money from thieves. Even if your card is stolen, you won't be left with nothing. As soon as you notice your card has been stolen, call the bank and ask it to lock the card or do it yourself via an online banking system. This way, you can have a head start on the thieves as they will simply have no time to withdraw your money.

    MMM pays a high monthly percentage to each member, gives them a chance to fulfil their dreams, including travelling abroad. Stay alert, however: secure your money from fraudsters in a timely manner.
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