Official News 01.12.2016 MMM offline presentation at Diakonia Centre in Durban

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    MMM offline presentation at Diakonia Centre in Durban | MMM South Africa ( 18 november 2016)

    “ The main purpose of MMM is to primarily free people from the bondages of financial slavery.” These words were echoed by Guider Mhlonipheni Dlamini to attentively listening guests in Durban.
    He continued by explaining to the guests the ideology of MMM. If you help someone today , you will also need help one day. This was an eye-opener to the guests especially the way banks siphon clients out of their hard earned money. In MMM when one declares the willingness to assist the account of that person is credited with the internal currency which is Mavro and it only applies to MMM.
    Mhlonipheni also gave them a brief background of how MMM originated from Moscow and being founded by sir Sergey Mavrodi. He pointed out that Sergey Mavrodi is a guru in financial networking, Mathematics and computer programming. So far $14 billion have circulated amongst MMM members in different countries. In MMM after assisting someone ones account is credited 1% daily which adds up to a growth rate of 30% monthly and no other bank can do this. Taking into consideration that MMM has no central account and neither is it a bank. Thanks Sir Sergey Mavrodi!
    Viva MMM. Aluta Continua!

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