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    Welcome, dear friends! :)) The time is running quickly, and another autumn week is over. We have prepared for you a new review of the recent events that happened on our MMM planet during the last week.

    Read, watch our photos and videos, get to know what occurred in different MMM countries during the last week, how we develop and what results we reach. As usual, we will start with the news from the cryptocurrencies world.

    МММ and cryptocurrencies
    • Last Sunday, on November, 26th Bitcoin broke a new record — $9 000. The previous record of $8 000 was reached on November, 16th. Therefore, just in 10 days the first world cryptocurrency price increased by $1 000. And in the last month, the price grew by 50%. The rates are incredible! :)) Bitcoin continues to show its enormous potential and full independence. Once again, we call everyone to participate in MMM with cryptocurrencies as it is much more profitable!
    • Now, the capitalization of Bitcoin amounts to $150 bln, and it is higher than the market capitalization of such corporations as IBM and 3M Co. Bitcoin with its domination index of 52.9% is leading in the cryptocurrencies list, and at the same time leaves other cryptocurrencies behind in the daily bidding turnover: BTC — $4,5 bln, ETH — $1,1 bln, BCH — $1,1 bln.
    • Nevertheless, other Altcoins become more expensive. Last week, the intensive growth of the most liquid altcoins was registered. The price of Ethereum also grew significantly. Now, the price of Ethereum is $460, and its capitalization amounts to $44.5 bln. The price of the cryptocurrency DASH grew up to $630, it means by 40%. Due to this fact, DASH overcame the capitalization of Litecoin. Altcoin Monero is also popular, it has overcome the rate of $160 although two month ago it costed only $100. Now, this cryptocurrency takes the 8th position in the ranking Coinmarketcap. As we can see, the progress of the digital currencies is very relevant and quick. Therefore, participate in MMM with cryptocurrencies and increase your revenues even more! ;-))
    And now, a short review of the events that occurred in different MMM countries last week
    • MMM Brazil continues to please us with new successes! Recently, the leaders of the Community carried out a large-scale event in Caruaru, state Pernambuco. Hundreds of guests participated in the event that was sponsored by several large Brazilian companies. It proves that the society has the loyal attitude towards our Community. We are extremely pleased, it proves the importance of MMM for the ordinary people. During the event, many guests expressed their sincere desire to join our Community and did it immediately. Besides, the event was broadcasted on the local TV for the whole state Pernambuco. We express our sincere gratitude to all organizers and sponsors of the event. You did a great and important deal for the development and consolidation of MMM. We wish you prosperity, welfare and further successes! :))
    • We also want to praise active development of our Bitcoin center in MMM Brazil, the attendees get a lot of useful knowledge about cryptocurrencies and their usage in MMM, ways of self-improvement etc. This knowledge helps get the maximum results and benefits from the participation in MMM and allows our members to develop. Friends, thank you so much for the organization of such an important and necessary training center. Keep it up, and continue to develop our Community for the common welfare. Well done, guys! :))
    • The development of MMM continues drastically in Peru. The guiders from this country constantly hold presentations sharing with the guests the information about our Community and its usefulness for the ordinary people. After such presentations, MMM will surely get new active participants who want to change the world for better. Guys, thank you so much for your work. Each new participant is extremely important for MMM, and we are pleased that you understand it and constantly invite new members to our Community. Keep it up! ;-))
    • The guiders from MMM India continue to hold charity events for those who really need it. Last week, a charity event was carried out for the citizens of one of the villages with about 5 000 inhabitants. They got food supplies and plaids from MMM as the weather is cold there, and children also got interesting books and pens. The organizers and their assistants were extremely happy with the event. And another less large-scale but important charity offer was held in another village — here our activists treated inhabitants with tasty bananas. We thank you guys for your kindness and responsiveness. Your care is very important for the people who need it, well done guys! It is a great contribution to the strengthening of the faith in the bright and fair future that MMM builds! :))
    • As usual, our guiders from MMM Kenya and MMM Ghana show high activity! Firstly, we will tell you about the charity offer for the orphans carried out by our Kenyan leaders. They presented to the children from the Nyeri orphanage food supplies and necessary personal care kits. It’s a great pleasure to see smiling faces of boys and girls who need parents care and warmth. Friends, thank you so much for your help to the children, for the hope you give to the young hearts. You show people that MMM Community cares about the destiny of people who really need help. Keep it up, guys! :))
    • Obviously, we should remember about the activity of MMM Kenya and MMM Ghana, offline event for the attraction of new members are constantly held in the country. The guiders from these 2 countries never give up and continue to promote MMM. They feel inspired and constantly explain MMM ideology to their listeners. Great work, guys! ;-)) We call everyone to follow the example of these active guys. If each participant makes at least a small contribution to the development of MMM, the usefulness for the Community will be invaluable. Remember that you are an important part of our common interrelated mechanism. Guys from Kenya and Ghana never forget about it, therefore the things are going wonderful! ;-))
    • The things are going excellent in MMM Thailand. The participants are extremely active, they provide and get help making their dreams true. Last week, we got a lot of positive Testimonials. We are really glad and pleased as thanks to MMM people managed to make their dreams true. Mutual help is a great power that allows to change the life of ordinary people who don’t have anybody to rely on. They simply don’t get any support. Friends, we call everyone to participate in MMM actively and change the life for better. The most important is to understand that the stability of the Community depends on each of you, each of you is an important part of the common chain. This chain won’t break till we continue to help each other, invite new members and tell to our acquaintances about the Community. Remember it and strengthen MMM in any possible ways. We believe in you! :))
    • MMM China continues to move forward step by step. The activity of the participants compared to the previous week has grown significantly, and it is really cool. Day after day, more participants wish to provide help. Probably, in the nearest future MMM will strengthen and become even stronger. Guys, everything depends on you! We wish you prosperity and success! :))
    • Guiders from MMM Australia continue to use the visibility method for the attraction of new members. They prove the opportunities of our Community using the videos based on the screenshots of payments our participants send us in their Testimonials. Actually, screenshots can prove that MMM really pays high percents. Watch it right now:
    • Guys, thank you so much for your work, continue to invite new members actively and strengthen our Community. Act for the welfare of all MMM participants! ;-))
    • Everything is great in MMM Zimbabwe and MMM Philippines. The activity of the participants grows day after day, and we are extremely pleased as the Community develops actively and becomes more stable. Friends, remember that the efficiency of MMM depends on each of you. You are the mechanism that makes our System work and moves it forward constantly. If you are more active we will become stronger, and will make this world better. That’s the way to go, guys. We will surely change the world for the better! :))
    To finish with

    It was a short review of the recent events on the MMM planet. Obviously, we can’t describe all events, however we share with you the most significant and memorable ones. Unfortunately, we just can’t share with you everything in our short digest. The most important is that our Community is growing, getting stronger and more stable thanks to each of you.

    More than 245 mln of participants from all over the world gathered in the MMM Community in order to make our world fairer. You are among them. MMM participants provide financial help to each other and improve their own welfare together. Everything depends on you and your activity as the opportunities of MMM are infinite. We call you to promote MMM in any possible ways — provide help actively, invite new members and build your own structures.

    MMM Community is a real chance to improve your welfare, obtain the financial freedom, become successful and happy. You have this chance right now, so use it! :)) Your opportunities in MMM are unlimited, everything depends on you. Don’t be passive, nobody but you can make your life better. Therefore, don’t waste your time, change the world for better right now. And MMM will surely help you!

    Thank you for staying with us. See you next week!

    Best regards,
    MMM Administration
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