Official News 02.02.2018 News Digest. Now, it includes the analysis of the cryptocurrencies market!

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    Welcome dear friends! :)) The time is running, and our friendly MMM planet is moving forward as well. Today, we will make a short wrap-up of the third January week.

    MMM continues to develop, we are moving to our main goal and we will surely reach it. And it depends on you our dear participants. Once again, we call you to remember about your significance for the Community. The future of MMM depends on your activity and consciousness. We hope you understand it and use all possible ways to strengthen the System: provide help to other members actively, invite newcomers, build your own structures. We believe in you and we know everything will be wonderful! ;-))

    And we have another pleasant surprise for you. As you have asked, we start to publish the analysis of the cryptocurrencies market. We will publish our analysis in our weekly digests. So, let’s start our today’s digest with this analysis. ;-)

    Analysis of the cryptocurrencies market
    • Bitcoin. Last week, the main cryptocurrency experienced another correction. The price decreased to $10k, however quickly recovered and continued to grow with the fluctuations in the diapason $10-12k. As we can see, the “bear” tendency continues. We can’t know how long it will last, however if it lasts longer the chance of a new drastic growth increases.
    • Ethereum. Despite the correction of many TOP-cryptocurrencies, ETH feels much better than other cryptocurrencies. Last week, ETH showed a notable growth with the minimal decreasing fluctuations. Within the period Jan 23-29, the rate grew from $990 to $1180. However, in the Ethereum network there are problems with the traffic capacities, and it impedes the growth. Otherwise, it would be more significant. If the problems are solved a drastic growth is expected. If not, the growth can gradually stop or a new decrease can occur. Generally, now the tendencies are quite positive.
    • Bitcoin Cash. The main Bitcoin fork that takes the first position by the capitalization volume continues to maintain stable positions in around $1600-1800. If we analyze the BCH dynamis we can see that its rate remains on the stable positions during a long period of time, then it increases drastically. After the correction, such growth is quite possible. BCH is expected to grow. It just needs some time.
    • Litecoin. During the last week, the price of the “digital silver” moved in around $180. It looks like a continuous correction after the drastic growth of LTC up to $360. It means the price reduced twice, and now slow decrease is observed. Probably, the continuous decrease of LTC will occur till Bitcoin starts to grow. Then, LTC will strengthen its positions as well.
    • Monero. After the correction, the price of Monero became more stable, and last week it waved in around $315. XMR hasn’t showed drastic growth as the above mentioned cryptocurrencies, however there were no significant decreases. In the current situation, it’s one of the most stable and low-liquid coins. For the moment, slow decrease continues. It’s expected that a new growth will be also slower than the growth of other cryptocurrencies that experienced rate correction this winter.
    • Dash. During the last week, DASH tried to grow, however fell to the figures of the last week - $760. Generally, DASH faces the similar situation as Monero, however the price of DASH is higher, it means the volatility is also higher. When ETH became more expensive than DASH, DASH experienced certain deterioration. For the moment, there are no premises that DASH will surpass Ethereum.
    Note: analysis of the cryptocurrencies market is just our review and our own forecast. It’s just our opinion. We don’t guarantee that these forecasts will occur.

    МММ and cryptocurrencies
    • According to the mass media, the director general of the Blockchain marketplace Shopin Eran Eyal is sure about the growth of Bitcoin till $100 000 or even more. In his speech, he calls Bitcoin “accumulation means”. Eyal believes that the main reason of the recent price decrease of the cryptocurrency is the pressure of the South Korean and Chinese authorities on the cryptocurrencies market. However, he has no doubts that Bitcoin will be able to cope with all problems and will surely survive. It will become more stable and will continue to grow. We share the opinion of the expert and call everyone to participate in MMM with cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the future!:))
    • Large company that produces computer video cards Nvidia has called the retailers to limit the sale of their products and not to sell more than two video cards to one person. In this way, the management of the company decided to fight against the deficit that occurred due to the massive purchase of video cards by the cryptocurrencies miners. As a result, people who want to purchase video cards to play video games just can’t do it. Nvidia stated that ordinary players are more important for them than ordinary miners but also said that the request to limit sales is just a recommendation for the sellers as the company can not control the sales directly. The similar deficit is a good answer for those who say that mining is dying.
    • Protocol Lightning Network aimed to carry out immediate Bitcoin transactions with the minimal fee is now more available and easier to use. The experts of the Blockchain start-up ACINQ elaborated API (program application interface) named Strike that can help to fix the ordinary reception of the Lightning payments. The process is organized in the following way - ACINQ gets incoming payments and unites them into the unique flow. After that, the transactions are automatically sent to the wallets of the senders.
    • Another important aspect that enables to adjust Lightning Network protocol for the massive usage is the presentation of the beta-version of Zap Bitcoin wallet that supports payments in the Lightning Network. For the moment, the wallet is being checked, so it’s available only in the testing Bitcoin network. However, the developers promise that the wallet will be available for everybody soon, and its interface will be simplified so that everyone can understand it.
    And now, let’s make a short wrap-up of the events that occurred in different MMM countries last week
    • Last week, the guiders from MMM India held a series of webinars related to online and offline activities for the attraction of newcomers. The activists created the action plan aimed to explain the information to the potential MMM members efficiently. Due to this, the number of posts in the social networks increased. They contained Testimonials and called everyone to join the Community. At the same time, offline activists prepared to hold large charity events and presentations of MMM India. Well done, guys. Good work and perfect enthusiasm. Keep it up! We are waiting for your detailed reports! ;-)) Besides, we want to congratulate our members from India on the Republic’s Day that was celebrated on January, 26-28. Friends, we wish you prosperity and welfare. You do deserve it! :))
    • The guiders from MMM Australia continue to carry out the training course on the topic of cryptocurrencies that can be used in MMM. This time, they told the current and potential members about Bitcoin Cash. They explained how to optimize the income in MMM with this cryptocurrency. You can see the video report following the link:
    • Once again, we express our sincere gratitude for their assistance and help in the difficult issues. These guys reveal the boundless potential of the participation in MMM. Thank you guys for this important actions. Thank you from all our Community! :))
    • The MMM participants from Indonesia continue to gain the momentum. They provide and get help actively. Every week, we get a lot of positive Testimonials where people thank the Community for the opportunity to improve their welfare. Last week was also productive. We are really pleased with the gratitudes we get, and we are glad that ordinary citizens from Indonesia become more confident and have hope for the bright future for their families. Friends, we want to thank you for your loyalty to the MMM ideology and your activity. Thank you for attracting new members. Keep it up, therefore MMM will become even stronger and more stable. Everything will be excellent! :))
    • MMM RSA and MMM Zimbabwe also develop fast. The participants from these countries become more active day after day. The positive development dynamics of the Community is obvious. The number of PH and GH increases constantly, and last week we got much more Testimonials with gratitudes. People understand that MMM gives them a wonderful chance to improve their welfare and obtain the financial freedom. In our Community, everything is possible. Just if you want it. Start to act right now, provide help and invite new participants, build your own structures. Your future depends on you, therefore don’t be passive. Act, and you will surely reach the success! ;-))
    • The activity of the participants in MMM China grows gradually despite the fact that people are mostly focused on the preparation to the Spring Holidays - Chinese New Year. The statistics of the last week overcame all our expectations. We don’t even doubt that after the holidays the activity of the participants will grow even more as Together We are changing the world! :))

    In this section, we publish a series of Testimonials from MMM grateful participants. With our Community, ordinary people got the chance to improve their lives and make their dreams true. They thank MMM and share their positive emotions and impressions.
    Just watch and enjoy it:

    To finish with

    MMM Community continues to develop fast and move towards its goal. We are building a new fair world for everybody. And we will surely reach this goal thanks to the unity of our participants! The most important is to follow MMM ideology, therefore the world will change for better, and it just can’t be otherwise!

    Yes, we are at the beginning of our way but we don’t even doubt that in the future the majority of inhabitants of our planet will unite in MMM. And the world will become more fair. We call you to follow the ideology of the Community and build a new fair world for everybody!

    Continue to provide help to each other actively, tell your friends and acquaintances about the Community, hold offline and online events in order to attract new members. Use any possible ways to promote MMM. Don’t forget that each participant including you is very important for the System, and only with you our Community develops, becomes more stable and efficient! We believe in you! :))

    Thank you for staying with us. See you again next week!

    Best regards,
    MMM Administration
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