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    МММ pursues the main goal - to build a new fair world. We are constantly encouraging our participants to perform acts of kindness, yet it is a good thing that makes the world a better place.

    There is no time limit or schedule for good actions. Perform them at any moment. The main thing that your intentions are clean and selfless. A wise saying goes, “Do good and forget it”. This means that you should do good selfless, i.e., without waiting for rewards. Only then you will be rewarded, in fact.

    People tend to think that to do good deeds is possible only with money; however, that is not the case. Emotional support is just as important as financial. Give a man moral support, listen to them, sympathize with them - it is a good action, no doubt. Say oftener warm, sincere words from to your family - it inspires significantly and gives strength..

    Kindness always returns, whereas on multiple occasions - that’s an unwritten law of the universe that works indeed. Begin to do good deeds, not waiting for return - and your life will gradually change for the better.

    Good brings happiness

    People who do good are happy. They are surrounded by the same kind and positive friends, since kindness is contagious - it is capable of penetrating even the most withered heart.

    People spur each other on to kindness and positivity; become humane, sympathetic and good-natured. They bestow others with love and understanding and receive in return positive energetics that brings them happiness, prosperity and well-being.

    Do good for the sake of good - MMM will never stop advocating for it. Open your soul and heart - then the world will appear before you in a new amazing light. Participate in MMM, get high interest rates of the Provide Help amount and do good deeds!
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