Official News 02.08.2017 You can safely use Bitcoins in MMM!

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    Dear participants!

    As expected, on August 1, the first successful step towards SegWit activation "the offer on the Bitcoin scaling that improves the data base structure of the cryptocurrency" was made.

    Everything went well - Bitcoin keeps to be fully operational. Its price ranges within $2700. Leading exchanges resume cash-in/cash-out of the cryptocurrency, thus you can safely provide and get help with Bitcoins.

    Thanks to SegWit we will have a stronger bitcoin. Fees will diminish and transactions will go faster. As a whole, Bitcoin performance will increase twice.

    Cryptocurrency continues to develop and its price is going up, therefore, using bitcoins in MMM now is profitable as never before.

    Attention! On August 1, one more cryptocurrency was created as well - Bitcoin Cash (BCC/BCH). This is not a traditional Bitcoin, but an alternative cryptocurrency with its own price and rules. Don't confuse BTC and BCC/BCH. In MMM you keep using Bitcoin (BTC).

    Congratulations! A new, important step in bitcoin development has been taken.

    Your sincerely,
    MMM Administration
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