Official News 02.11.2017 3 Phrases That Prevent You From Reaching Your Goals

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    MMM is building a new, just world where anyone may find their happy ever-after. Community members help each other financially and are paid a high percentage of the help provided which opens up vast opportunities for achieving success.

    However, even these opportunities won't allow you to enjoy life to the full if you don't boost your self-confidence. 90 % of people on the planet impose limitations on themselves by using runaround phrases that prevent them from setting and achieving goals.

    Drop these phrases when you're setting goals:
    • “Maybe”. Set specific, rather than abstract goals. Instead of “Should I maybe vacation in the Caribbean next year”, say “I'm going to the Caribbean next year”. Then start moving towards the goal — save up money and choose the timing. 85 % of goals with “maybe” phrases are not achieved because it's a hidden excuse for yourself.
    • “Some time later”. If you intend to buy a phone, surprise your wife with a new dress or go bungee jumping — select specific time to go through with your plan. It's best to set a specific date even though a specific week or month is a good start, too. “Some time later” is not. By choosing a specific time period, you program your brain to complete the tasks you set rather than postpone them.
    • “It's not going to work out anyway”. Nonsense — you can achieve anything. You have all it takes to achieve any goals you set. If you want something, do it: move forward step by step and don't give up.

    Don't let your dreams be shattered. MMM is your chance to achieve any goals. The Community helps its members provide for themselves financially, travel and do what they love. Each member has a chance to open up fully and live a happy life — use it to the full!
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