Official News 02.12.2016 Global butterflies — MMM fashion contest. The winner will get 500 usd!

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    Dear participants! Winter is coming :)) And this is not a quote from “Game of Thrones”, but the truth of life. It's already November, and the first day of winter will soon begin with snow and a cold wind. To avoid getting cold, wrap up warm.

    MMM announces a contest for the best photo in autumn or winter style — Global Butterflies. Dress fashionably, pose beautifully and have your photo taken with nature scenery in the background. We are building a new world in which everyone will be happy, healthy and... beautiful : -)). Warm clothing can also be fashionable and sexy as well as summer shirts and dresses.

    10 autumn-winter fashion trends in 2016-2017:
    1. Black beauty. The fashion includes fluffy skirts, long coats and tight dresses in style of Gothic and Noir.
    2. Bohemian luxury. Long “flying” dresses and layered skirts with pastel prints and interesting embroidery are still popular.
    3. Men's classic. Classic pants, jackets, double breasted jackets and coats in this season look great on women.
    4. Shiny metallic. Dresses, jumpsuits and skirts of metallic and silver color sequins are not out of fashion this summer and are present in autumn-winter.
    5. Marine style. White pants, dark blue jackets and other “marine” outfits come back in fashion this winter.
    6. Patchwork. The fashion includes colorful and diversified coats. The combination of fur and color schemes.
    7. Velvet. Velvet outfits won XV and XVI centuries and this winter are again popular.
    8. Sporty chic. Slight negligence, freedom and a little bit tousled hair remain trendy: oversized jackets, nylon tights, sneakers and other outfits with a “sports look”.
    9. Short skirts. Short skirts are in vogue, they go in one set with a costume or just suit outerwear.
    10. The mixture of prints. Outfits with lots of various patterns and drawings are popular this winter. At the same time polka dots with floral and leopard print is a great choice.
    Participate in the contest and win a stylish outfit!
    In our Community there are millions of beautiful ladies who constantly delight us with smiles in the “Letters of Happiness”. We are confident that each of them has a wonderful style, and they set the tone of fashion :)) Let's make sure of that!

    Take a photo of yourself on the background of red and yellow trees, fallen leaves or first icicles. Be creative, take pictures and win. The main prize is $ 200 to buy a new stylish outfit!

    Detailed terms of Global Butterflies contest
    The girl who will take the coolest photo will receive a great prize from the Community — money for a stylish outfit!

    Who can participate
    Each girl of legal age is allowed to participate, even if she is not a member of MMM. Be sure to share this competition with all your friends. Encourage them to take part in the contest!

    What you need to do:
    Follow these 4 steps to participate in Global Butterflies contest:
    1. Take a photo in an autumn or winter outfit with nature scenery in the background:
    • Trees with red and yellow leaves;
    • Fallen leaves;
    • Rain;
    • Mist;
    • Snow;
    • Ice;
    • Leaves on the water surface;
    • and so on (improvise).
    1. Add this text to your picture: “I take part in Global Butterflies Contest”.
    2. Place the photo on your page in Weibo urging friends to vote for you.
    3. Send a link to your post to the moderator of our group
    Obligatory conditions:
    1. You and voting for you people must be subscribed to our official page in Weibo! —
    2. “Cheat” likes (including bots, ordered likes in companies and so on) — prohibited. For this you will be disqualified.
    How to win:
    Whose photo gets the most likes and reposts will win. 1 repost is equal to 3 likes.

    Terms of the contest
    The contest will be held during 14 days from December 3 to 16. From December 17 new likes will not be counted and votes will be estimated.

    The winner will receive 500 USD in Bitcoin.
    Prize for the 2nd place — 350 USD
    Prize for the 3rd place — 200 USD
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