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    Greetings, dear Community members! Another week passed and summer came to an end, before we even knew it. But, even though it's autumn now on the calendar, we're not sad because MMM always has good things going, whatever the season! ;-))

    First of all, we'd like to congratulate all our members on having over 240 mln people who have joined us all around the globe! We've conquered another summit. It's our new all-time record and not the last one! ;-))

    Our Community continues to develop thanks to your active engagement, and we sincerely thank each one of our members for this. All of you are doing so well!

    So, it's going perfectly well, just as always. You're about to read about the interesting events that happened in different countries last week and about MMM news related to cryptocurrencies.

    MMM and Cryptocurrencies
    • It's about time to start assessing how SegWit has been working. This cryptocurrency scaling application was successfully activated on August 23. What can we see today? What are the results? In fact, they are excellent! The Bitcoin network has been operating a lot faster, and its users have been really content. No more huge waiting lists and long waiting times. Bitcoin has been operating fast and making our members happy.
    • And we'll repeat once again — we'll never grow tired to do it — that the number of Bitcoin advocates has been growing with each passing day. The MMM Community currently has 35 % of its members who prefer using cryptocurrencies rather than banks. Early this year this number hardly reached 15 %. It means that in less than a year the number of cryptocurrency advocates within MMM has doubled. It's only natural as cryptocurrencies are very convenient and using them within MMM is fast, easy and profitable. It only takes a little time to figure it out. The truth is it's really easy. Plus, we have drafted all the instructions for you. So if you still don't use cryptocurrencies, we advise that you start doing that. If you cannot do it — we'll be happy to help you! :))
    • The introduction of Litecoin and Ethereum in China has clearly benefited the Community. We've received a lot of thank you messages from the fans of these cryptocurrencies. Moreover, reviewing the statistics, one can see that last week the number of Litecoin users rose three-fold. That's an excellent result for a 7-day period. Ethereum was only added last week, so we cannot make a comparison yet. We'll do it next time.
    Below is a brief digest of events in MMM countries:
    • MMM Brazil has continued to develop successfully. More and more cars with MMM logos cruise city streets — the guides have been actively promoting the System's vision with the broader public. It was evidenced by the meeting for MMM members which also included lectures about the Community to attract new users. Well done, guys — keep up the good work! :))
    • It was really nice to receive so many thank you messages from MMM China members. We're receiving more and more of them with each passing week. In addition to Good Luck Letters, we also receive loads of thank you messages via e-mail, tickets, social networks, etc. Thank you so much for all this positive feedback and for believing in us. We're really happy to make you happy! :))
    • Ghana arranged a charity event sponsored by MMM at the Church of Jesus Christ in Winneba. The atmosphere was friendly, open and really joyful. At the end of the event, all attendees were presented with new clothes and left happy about such signs of attention from the organizers. We, in our turn, would like to thank the organizers for bringing joy to people's lives! Workshops featuring the MMM presentation were equally interesting. The guides arranged them at various locations: a university study room, conference halls at business class hotels and even a pizza parlor. That's what we call large scale! ;-))
    • In Columbia, MMM leaders held a vivid charity event for kids in Cali. There were interesting activities, and everyone was awarded with a piece of cake in the end. Another event in this country was dedicated to the start of the academic year — kids were given back packs, T-shirts and other useful things as presents. One of the girls even made a speech where she thanked MMM and Sergey Mavrodi personally. You can watch the video here: Seeing those faces of happy kids makes us happy. We send a huge thank you to all organizers of these events for making kids happy. You're the best!
    • Members of MMM Zimbabwe have already tried out a new possibility for attracting new users via personal Landing Pages offered to them in their Personal Accounts. There have been some promising results already, but it's just the beginning. Guys, use LP's as actively as you can — it's good both for you and for the entire Community!
    • Thailand hosted an offline event to attract new users. An MMM leader told the attendees about our vision. It was a very convincing and funny speech that really got people interested. Dear friends, we urge you to arrange such meetings as often as possible to introduce people to the Community and its goals and to attract new users!
    • Similar events were also held in Indonesia. All meetings were home-like, warm and comfy. One can feel right away that MMM members are a big happy family. Seeing all this comfortable, friendly atmosphere is a treat for the eye. Thank you, dear friends, for those happy moments!
    • MMM Peru does not cease to offer pleasant surprises and make us happy by setting new records in terms of the number of learners at the free-of-charge MMM School. Last week, another big group of students graduated from the School. At this rate, things will surely be on the rise. After all, the more people can talk intelligently about the Community and its vision, the more new users will join us, the stronger and more stable we will become. Thank you, dear friends, for these high activity levels!
    • This week MMM Australia had a webinar about “Vision of MMM Australia”. The attendees learned the basics of the Community vision, the concept behind money and how MMM is changing the world for the better. Such events are very good for the development and strengthening of MMM. Keep it up, guys! You can watch the webinar recording here:
    • Guides from MMM RSA have also brightened our week by being really active. Just like last week, they arranged a few top-class offline events which were exciting and a lot of fun. Dear friends, follow the lead of these active people to expand our Community and make it more and more stable with each passing day!
    • Leaders from MMM Kenya have been really created about arranging offline events. In addition to the official meetings, they also arranged an exciting football match. Naturally, both teams won, and their members became even close, received a real boost and will now double their effort in attracting new users. The spirit of sports is so cool! ;-))
    • Nigeria held two large-scale charity events under the auspices of MMM. One of them resulted in HIV/AIDS patients getting aid, while the other one helped those infected with hepatitis. People from both meetings were given medicine free of charge. We'd like to thank the organizers of these events for their concern for those in need!
    • Yay! It's finally happened! ;-)) MMM Philippines celebrated one year of stable and successful trouble-free work. Congratulations! We're confident things will continue to be just as magnificence. Dear friends, stay active and strengthen the System!
    • Activists from MMM Turkey held 5 interesting offline events dedicated to the national holiday of Kurban Bayram — and all of them were a huge success. We'd like to congratulate all MMM Turkey members on this great holiday and wish them love, kindness and prosperity!
    As a Final Note

    It's just a small fraction of the events that happened this week in different MMM countries. There's been a lot more events, of course. We've tried to single out the best events for you, to show everyone how our activists develop the Community all around the globe. We're really proud of our members! We'll repeat it once again — you're great people! :))

    Dear friends, be as active as you can within MMM — help the Community become more stable and strong. Provide help, attract new users and create structures, take part in contests, arrange offline meetings, charity events and develop the Community in all possible ways. We will then definitely reach our ultimate goal which is building a new just world where everyone will live a happy life!

    Thank for your attention, stay tuned!

    Best regards,
    MMM Administration
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