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    So, here is the news.

    In the MiB Thailand structure we have great news again. It is very pleasant to read such news. Month’s Mavro “Mining” is working very efficiently by all parameters. Here are the main achievements made this week. The dynamics of the growth of daily contributions remains at the same level with some bursts up to 200%. 200% a week!!! Well…well, the number of active registrations increased…We have now more than 30K participants! Actually, I won’t call exact numbers. There is no need. The number of active members increasing by more than 1K a day!. Over a week, as well. The sum of contributions rose by 60% over a week. I mean, the life is pulsing. Things are going really well. I have numbers indicating how the number of guiders increased. You see, the life is pulsing in the Thailand. What other numbers can be interesting? Okay. Here are a lot of numbers. 50% Mavro is very attractive for all positions. Especially for new members. This campaign working only for new participants. You can see how everything is developing here This development is beyond all praise. I guess, my constant calls cause the growth of activity. So, people follow them. Okay. Alexa rank showing good rapid development of I hope my next news will be even more optimistic, though it hardly can be more optimistic than now. Everything is developing really well. Well. See you next time. And don’t forget to check your PO’s every day for orders! As well, I believe that the Financial Apocalypse is inevitable. Together we change the world.

    And)) Let The MiB Be With You!
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