Official News 04.12.2017 How Banks Deceive Their Customers

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    The MMM Community is building a new, fair world where anyone may find their happy ever-after. People will never again take out loans in banks — their own income will be sufficient not to do so. Banks are a huge scam that runs the existing financial system.

    Banks take advantage of their customers' poor attention to detail and of the imperfections of the law to deceive and cash in on ordinary citizens. Below are three of the numerous tricks used by banks to leave their customers penniless.

    Hidden Charges

    These charges are either hidden somewhere in the pages of a huge contract or written out in small print. Banks do so deliberately counting on their customers to be inattentive since people tend to skim through papers without going too much into detail. And how wrong they are! Hidden charges often total big amounts. They to pay them or go into litigation with the bank even though winning such action is near to impossible.

    Grace Period

    This is the banks' most favorite con. The bank offers its customer a credit card with a 30- or 60-day grace period. No interest in charged within this period. The customer withdraws cash and pays it back in a month or two. They are confident they won't have to pay anything. It's just an illusion.

    The catch is that the grace period ends on the 1st day of each month. If the customer withdraws cash on the 20th day of the current month and the grace period is 30 days, the money must be paid back on the 1st day of the next month. It means that the grace period is just 10 days. If it's not paid back on time, the bank will charge interest and impose a penalty if it's not paid back.

    Concealment of Debt

    If the next loan payment is at least one day late, the bank will impose a late payment penalty and charge interest. However, the customer has no knowledge of this — this information is deliberately concealed. Banks make profit by keeping it secret and letting the debt grow more and more. In a year they inform the customer about the debt. The amount accrued during this time is quite big.

    We've only listed three bank tricks — in reality there's a lot more of them. Moreover, formally banks are in the right and the law backs them. Steer clear of banks if you don't want to be deceived. Join MMM, earn a high percentage of the help provided and build a new just world where there'll be no place for deceit!
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