Official News 05.02.2018 Bitcoin: development is in progress despite the repeated “funerals”

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    There are two ways to participate in МММ and get high interest rates of the Provide Help sum: traditional bank transfers and a cryptocurrency. It is faster, safer, and the main thing - more profitable to use cryptocurrencies. The leading cryptocurrencies price keeps to consolidate and is not going to stop there.

    The most confident results on this market are still being demonstrated by the Bitcoin - its potential is limitless.

    Bitcoin has been “buried” over 200 times, as a result - the dogs bark, but the caravan goes on

    The media have predicted the Bitcoin’s collapse time and again - from the moment of its appearance in 2008. So now reporters continue to create confusion, scaring the people by the cryptocurrency’s dramatic collapse, all possible restrictions, and so on. Doing that, they sow the seeds of doubt among the masses that more often set sights on digital gold. Thus over last seven years various information resources - television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and online media - predicted the cryptocurrency’s soon death more than 200 times.

    It is noteworthy that the higher the Bitcoin price the oftener it is buried. However, despite the “bad prophecy”, it keeps confidently rising right in front of its opponents, tearing all negative predictions to shreds. Bitcoin’s “obituary” is simply out of the question.

    What is the most interesting, a majority of the authors are unfamiliar with the essence of the subject they write about. It is apparent if to analyse their opuses. Besides, Bitcoin’s dynamic of development suggests the opposite. A fuss is made deliberately, in order to regain investors fading interest towards gold and bank deposits.

    In fact: Bitcoin stably brings profit, and long-term investment is more attractive

    Professional traders recommend keeping savings in Bitcoins as long as possible. Remember the stories about people who bought relatively small amounts of Bitcoin at the beginning of its development. Now those people became millionaires.

    Investors who avoid panic earn much more profit. They are confident in Bitcoin’s growth and stay calm. While those who are scared of daily price fluctuations often lose at the infinite trading. If you want to adhere to this strategy, the best choice is to participate in MMM through Mavro-BTC. So you will multiply your Bitcoins without exchanging them to fiat money.

    Do you believe in Blockchain? Then believe in Bitcoin too!

    In the end, we want to add one more note. It relates to a position of some cryptocurrency opponents - “I believe in Blockchain, but I don’t believe in Bitcoin”. To our mind, this position is as a minimum controversial. People put their trust in the Blockchain technology perspective and at the same time have doubt in Bitcoin which is just based on that very technology.

    Bitcoin and Blockchain can’t be separated in fact - they have the same essence. Having recognized the Blockchain, recognize Bitcoin as well - logically, one does not go without the other. Investors who understand this will definitely reach success in the future.

    Bitcoin is a progressive cryptocurrency that changes the traditional financial system and helps MMM build a new fair world. Therefore participate in MMM using a cryptocurrency, get high interest rates of the Provide Help amount and multiply your income!
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