Official News 05.03.2018 Energetics of poverty: 4 factors you need to eliminate

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    The МММ Community is a right way to a new fair world where everyone will become happy and prosperous. Common people will no longer need money, they will achieve financial freedom.

    Scientists have proved long ago that energetics emitted by a human influences the life quality. If the poor will start to think like the rich - they will attract the energy of wealth, and vice versa. Here are 4 main psychological factors that prevent you from attracting this energy. These factors radiate energetics of poverty - let go of them and move toward success.

    Dirt and mess

    Dirt and beggarhood are adjacent notions. A dirty home, unwashed windows, scattered things - it is impossible to be rich under such conditions. Money loves apple-pie order - it will not appear where there is negative energetics. So, for starters, clean your home, and energetics will begin to change for positive.

    Old stuff

    Get rid of unnecessary things that you don’t use for years. Old stuff blocks new energy and money from coming. If your house is full of old things - there is just no way for new things to come. Check century-old debris and throw away what is not needed any more with no regrets. You will notice how positive changes will start enter your life.

    Wrong saving

    This term implies saving every extra penny for a rainy day. A man doesn’t spend money on new clothes - they wear cast-offs that should have been thrown away long ago. They save on food, entertainment, travelling - though they could easily afford all that and save a little bit too.

    Doing that, they don’t invest their money anywhere and don’t try to multiply it - it just continue to lie idle. A fear of an imaginary rainy day is a direct way to poverty. Save money without detriment to yourself and your common sense.

    Prohibiting your wishes

    People with energetics of poverty prohibit themselves even from wishing for expensive clothes, cars; luxury houses, and travellings. Their powerful argument is “I don’t have money on that!”. If to think that way, you will not make your money grow.

    To let it come, imagine yourself in expensive clothing, a cozy house or on a luxury beach. Thoughts are material so visualize your dreams oftener - then they will start to come true.

    Get rid of negative patterns that prevent energetics of wealth from coming into your life. Participate in MMM, get high interest rates of the Provide Help amount and think positively!
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