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    In the modern world there is strong inflation, whereas people are often paid unfairly low wages. Nevertheless, it might still be increased and you could earn more.

    Not everyone willingly increases wages of the staff. If you don’t take actions on your own, a pay rise will not be reached. Let’s consider some ways of a salary increase.

    Work extra hours

    Most of companies build long-term plans but do not manage to carry them out. You surely have a similar situation at work. Come to a boss and offer to work overtime at a project or any other business you just haven’t got around to yet.

    Ask for that a pay rise beginning with 10%. It will be more profitable for your boss to give work to you rather than hiring outside workforce. Thus you will help the company and increase your own income. Both you and your boss are happy - mutual benefit is evident.

    Improve the skills

    There is a mechanism of reconfirmation of the staff. A newcomer is frequently employed at minimum wage, but after a while he/she is entitled to pass a competency test and ask for a salary increase.

    If you are confident in your own expertise and deserve more - express your desire to the superiors. After the successful reconfirmation ask for a 10-15% premium. If there is no any merit rating at your work but you are sure that started to work better - then just say so. Say that you became more efficient and want to earn more. To prove your professionality, demonstrate the gained skills and achievements to your boss.

    Teach your colleagues

    If a company wants to additionally train the staff - offer your services. For example, coaching schools require pretty good money for personnel training, which is unprofitable for the company, and as for training the workforce on their own - superiors may simply have no time for that.

    If you are able to train the colleagues no worse than a professional business coach, the boss will for sure accept your proposal. As a result, the company will save, the staff will begin to work more efficiently, and you will get a desired premium.

    If you want to increase your salary - take the initiative. Together with that participate in MMM and get high interest rates of the Provide Help amount - provide yourself a steady income!
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