Official News 06.03.2018 Blockchain technology progress: optimizing a hotel business

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    Bank and cryptocurrency transfers are envisaged for providing help in MMM. We recommend using the second way, since it is faster, safer and much more profitable than the first one.

    Blockchain technology, which is the foundation of cryptocurrencies, continues to be introduced in a wide variety of the public life’s aspects. Thanks to a principle of decentralisation it is capable of optimizing many service industries - with its help, consumers will be able to directly interact with suppliers in the most advantageous way for them.

    Hotel prices will go down for tourists by one third

    LockChain - which is developing a decentralized market for tourists based on Blockchain technology - concluded partnership agreements with 100,000 hotels across the planet. The company representatives have officially informed about it on their Medium blogging platform.

    The publication, particularly, says that people overpay to intermediary websites almost one third of the room price when booking at hotels online. I.e., in fact, they spend a considerable amount of money. Whereas, Blockchain technology will help tourists escape intermediaries and contact hotels directly, which is equally good for both parties to a transaction.

    Elaborations are fully underway

    Nowadays, LockChain is conducting active elaborations of a test version of such market and also creating a mobile application and a browser product version for an end user.

    According to the company representatives they intend to subject their designs to alpha testing as early as by the end of the first - beginning of the second quarter of the current year. Enthusiasts will certainly succeed, and soon the price of hotel apartments will become affordable to a greater number of people.

    What do we mean by that? That Blockchain technology continues actively evolving. And similar movements are an excellent testimony that tomorrow is with it. So participate in MMM using cryptocurrencies, get high interest rates of the Provide Help amount and go with the times!
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