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    In order not to spend your entire monthly paycheck, learn to save. When buying goods or services, there is always a chance to have a good discount, but not all take this chance. a lot of people are more comfortable paying the whole price than negotiating lower prices, for fear to be considered as a penny pincher in the eyes of others. But they shouldn’t have. There is a good proverb: take care of the pennies and pounds will take care of themselves. That’s why reasonable saving never hurts.

    Follow the rules to learn to negotiate prices.
    • Ask for a discount. In some cases, in order to get a better price, you need just to ask about it. As a rule, sellers have ample opportunity to affect the price of a product, but customers don’t know about it. Ask for a discount everywhere: when shopping or in a cafe. Imagine that it’s a game and don’t be afraid. In the case of winning, you will save, and if you fail, the goods will be purchased at the standard price. In fact, it’s a safe bet.
    • Put right questions. So to get a discount, formulate questions and place emphasis correctly - this makes the seller to down the price. An example of a typical question, “Are there discounts?”. An example of the suitable one, “What discounts do you have?”.
    • Get in touch with superiors. Sometimes, the sellers are not authorised to influence the price. They will not be able to give you a discount, no matter how much they want - they are not permitted to violate superior orders. In such a case, ask the seller to let you speak to their boss. Say that in the conversation you will leave a positive feedback about their job - thus you motivate the seller to act.
    • Don’t insist - leave them free to refuse. Don’t put pressure on the seller, but give him an opportunity to take the decision independently. An example of the appropriate tone, “I understand that it is not profitable for you to offer a discount. Of course, you may not down the price, I get it. But if you agree after all, I will be extremely grateful for that!” If you give the merchant a free choice - he will agree more willingly.
    • Don’t show the need. If the seller notices your great need in the purchase, you will never get a discount. Don’t demonstrate keen interest in a product, don’t say about your plans on it - behave calmly and indifferently. If you show the need, experienced merchants will definitely take a note of it and will not make a concession.
    Obey the above rules and haggle effectively. The saved money can be contributed to MMM and you can ensure yourself a sustainable monthly income.

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    Reasonable saving is a useful thing that helps collect the money. One of the ways of saving is buying discounted goods. From the article you will know how to haggle properly to get a discount.
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