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    Just imagine that you get another help from MMM, withdraw your money and put it into the box in your apartment. A new car is your dream, and the got help is the last step on your way towards it. Tomorrow you have a day off, and you are planning to go to the car showroom.

    However, after the work you come back to your home and find out that your apartment is turned upside down. The box with your money disappeared… You were robbed.

    Where thieves seek for money first of all

    If you prefer to keep your money at home you risk. Firstly, the thieves are seeking for savings in the places that seem to you quite secure. Don’t hide your money in:
    • Cupboards, commodes and bedside tables.
    • Flowerpots, books, carpets, pictures, cans, CDs.
    • Mirrors, toilet tanks, ventilation, bathrooms, under sink.
    • Pillows, under mattresses and laminate.
    • Microwaves and other equipment.
    Where to create a cache:

    Real cache is not obvious. It is not a can, book, mattress or other place where you can hide something. You should invent a good and difficult to find cache on your own. For example:
    • Roll your banknotes, and put them to the hollow cornice.
    • In the upper and in the lower edges of the interoom doors, drill a hole for the money.
    • The cavities inside sills, walls, shelves are good places for the cache. However, only in case you do it on your own and mask your money properly instead of hiding banknotes in the plant grooves.
    The thieves won’t be able to check every edge of every piece of furniture if they don’t know where to search.

    Secure protection from the thieves

    One hard to reach cache is not enough as you can’t be completely sure that the thieves won’t find it. Therefore, act wiser.
    • Create a false cache. Put a small part of your savings to the can, under the mattress or to the toilet tank. Up to 10% of your savings. When the intruders find out your cache they will think it’s all money you store at home, and will probably go away.
    • Install alarm system. The alarm system discourages the thieves, and if they seem too brave and don’t leave the apartment, the police will arrive soon. Therefore, they won’t have enough time for the search.
    • Install surveillance camera. Install in your apartment a small camera and configure it so that it monitors all movements. For that, you can use special sensors. When the camera detects movements you get the notification to your smartphone. You call the police immediately and save all your money.
    МММ pays high accrued percents from the provided help to each participant. There are no banks or financial projects all over the world that offer such conditions. You get a chance to earn a lot of money, however be careful, and protect your savings from the thieves!
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