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    Welcome dear friends! :)) Now, it’s time to make a wrap-up of the last week events, and as usual we have prepared a short review of the most interesting events on our MMM-planet.

    The MMM Community is building a new fair world for everybody, and provides us a wonderful chance to obtain the financial freedom and become happy. Your life is in your hands, it depends on you, your future and the future of your children depend on you. Nobody but we can make our life better. Always remember the most important principle of MMM — mutual help — and participate in our Community actively, provide help to each other and improve your own welfare. Together we are changing the world! :))

    And now, we offer you to read our news digest in different MMM countries. Read, watch videos and photos, and get to know how our MMM planet lives. Let’s start with the news from the cryptocurrencies world.

    МММ and cryptocurrencies
    • Bitcoin continues to strengthen its positions and beat records in the field of price and capitalization. On November 5th, last Sunday its rate exceeded $7500, and the capitalization is more than $125 bln. We remind that one week ago Bitcoin cost $6345. Therefore, just in one week the price of Bitcoin increased by $1000 — just amazing results! :)) Once again we recommend you to participate in MMM with cryptocurrencies. It is much more profitable than the participation through the bank transfers both in the financial aspect and the reduction of the expectation time.
    • Regarding the total capitalization of the cryptocurrencies market, it also grows constantly. For the moment, the indicator has reached the level of $200 bln. Let’s underline that since the beginning of the year, the capitalization has increased 10 times. Great, isn’t it? :)) After Bitcoin, other digital currencies also became more expensive, however the leadership in the cryptocurrencies world still belongs to Bitcoin and amounts to 61.2%. It means that the Bitcoin demand increases the total demand on other Altcoins. The total cryptocurrencies volume for the last 24 hours has beaten its record and has reached the level of $9.4 bln. In a word, the progress of the cryptocurrencies is obvious, the dynamics is great.
    • The international financial technological investigation company syndicate R3 that works on the application of the Blockchain technology in the financial field, and creates the system for the transboundary payments and offers different banks of the world to test it. Already 22 large international banks participate in this project. This new system is based on the smart contracts with the multi-profile open platform Corda created for the interaction of banks with the digital currencies. The representatives of the syndicate stated that nowadays international payments are expensive and require a lot of time. By the way, the senders of the payments are forced to trust the third parties that are responsible for the transactions. With the Blockchain technology, a new great opportunity to get rid of the disadvantages of the current financial system has appeared. Therefore, now it’s necessary to test and implement it gradually. We hope that soon the financial system will change drastically — will become cheaper, faster and more secure. It is really relevant.
    And now, our short review of the most interesting events that occurred in different MMM countries last week
    • The leaders of MMM Ecuador carried out a large-scale charity event for children who suffer from oncological diseases. 50 boys and girls that are undergoing treatment in the medical center have got the financial help and moral support that is extremely important for the recovery of the vital power. Our dear leaders from MMM Ecuador, we sincerely thank you for this charity event! Such events give little children and their parents the belief in their recovery and hope in the bright future. The positive emotional state helps to cope even with the most critical diseases. It would be really great to hold more events! Once again, we want to express you our gratitude. You have done an important deal, and we are really proud of you!
    • The system develops quickly in Brazil, and we are really pleased! :)) The guiders carry out the active work in different directions, making our Community even stronger. During the offline events for the attraction of new members, our guys explain the ideology of our Community, its goals and history — starting from the 90ties. Therefore, people start to understand the scales of MMM and the purposefulness of the participants. Another important event happened last week — a new guiders center was inaugurated for all potential leaders. It is really important, and helps to strengthen our system. The guiders also hold meetings for the coordination of the further actions. During one of the events, the guests got 70 t-shirts with the symbology of MMM. Well done guys, you are so goal-oriented that you will surely reach the success. We wish you prosperity and good luck! ;-)) And we also call everyone to follow the example of these enthusiasts!
    • MMM Peru continues to develop and strengthen. Last week, a new comfortable office was inaugurated in the country, and the work for the attraction of new members will be even more active! ;-)) For the attraction of new members to the MMM School, local guiders created an interesting creative advertising video that really motivates to attend our School and ensure happy future, build a new fair world. Friends, thank you for your active work and wish you success!:))
    • Everything is great in MMM Egypt. The Community continues to develop and become more active. Last week, our guiders held meetings with local inhabitants, and explained the essence of our ideology and answered the most complicated questions of the incredulous guests. As the result, MMM got a lot of new participants. Guys, thank you for your work!
    • Last week, the event related to 14 months of the successful work was successfully celebrated in MMM Philippines. Dear friends, we congratulate you on this wonderful and important date! :)) It is a long term that shows that our Community can work stably till the participants stop strengthening and promoting it actively. The MMM participants from this country prove their uniqueness and understand that our future depends on us. Well done, guys! We wish you success and prosperity! ;-))
    • MMM India continues to show its high activity. Last week, local guiders got together in order to improve their work and discuss the plan for the further development of the Community. The environment at the meeting was inspiring, guiders felt extremely positive, and we are really happy! :)) The most important in the MMM promotion is to act properly and learn new approaches for the attraction of new members. Our leaders from India know how to do it! Well done guys, you are friendly, goal-oriented, and we wish you success! ;-))
    • We are pleased with the development of MMM China in the social media. The participants actively subscribe for MMM accounts , interact with each other, and it is very important for the trusting relations and stable work of the system. Well done, guys. We are sure that together you can change the world and ensure the justice! ;-))
    • MMM Australia continues to publish useful tutorial videos for the participants. This time, the guiders explained how to find new referrals, present MMM ideology and what kinds of bonuses one can get for his structure. In the video, they explained many important issues related to the Community and principles of its work, therefore enjoy watching it —
    • MMM leaders from Kenya and Ghana continue to invite new members to the Community and they cope with their task. Every week, they hold a lot of offline events in different formats — in the offices, cafes, outdoor. Well done, guys! ;-)) We are pleased that you understand how important is our work for the development and strengthening of MMM. The strength and stability of our Community depend on your Community. And obviously, we will underline the charity event carried out by our leaders from Kenya for homeless children. They presented gifts to the children and held special singing and dancing contest. The atmosphere was really exciting. The laugh and happy faces of the children is what MMM wishes to all children of the planet. Guys, thank you for your kind deeds and open souls! :))
    • МММ RSA and МММ Zimbabwe continue to develop drastically and become stronger. The participants are extremely active, they provide and get help. Such uniqueness proves the desire of the people to improve their welfare as soon as possible, reach the financial freedom and make their dreams true. Friends, we are extremely happy that our mutual help Community gives you this wonderful opportunity. The happiness and welfare of each member is our main goal. Let’s promote MMM together in order to reach this goal as soon as possible! :))
    • Don’t miss our new Mavronews edition. You will find out a lot of interesting! :))
    To finish with

    As you can see, MMM is growing getting stronger and more stable and continues to take care about people who need it. The name of our Community is closely related to kindness and justice; millions of people believe in the bright future, and it’s wonderful!
    Let’s continue to promote our Community. If each of you contributes to the MMM development, the total result will be excellent!

    Provide active help to other participants of the Community, share the information about our system on forums, hold meetings with new members at home, in cafes, on the streets etc. Just spending a few hours of your free time you will contribute to the MMM development and will improve your own welfare due to the invitation of new referrals and construction of new structures. Each participant is extremely important for us. Don’t forget it, and build a new fair world for everybody! Together we are changing the world!

    Thank you for your attention! See you!

    Best regards,
    MMM Administration
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