Official News 06.12.2017 Demand for Cryptocurrency Experts Rising Sharply

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    You can contribute to MMM using one of the two options: fiat (conventional) currencies or cryptocurrencies. We recommend using the second option as it's faster, safer and more profitable.

    According to the statistics of the international freelance marketplaces, the demand for experts in blockchain, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rose by 82 % in the third quarter this year.

    Expertise in demand

    Most often experts in high demand are those who can develop new cryptocurrencies and create programs that use the blockchain technology in various fields of expertise.

    In addition, demand for experts in cryptography proper rose by 60 %. Cryptocurrency experts who can help users to understand cryptocurrencies are also in demand. Overall, employers posted almost half a million new offers of employment for experts in encryption, digital signatures, etc. at the freelance marketplaces in the indicated period.

    Banks are also willing to hire blockchain experts in order to implement the distributed ledger technology in the financial sector.

    Knowledge of blockchain adds 25 % to the pay offer

    There's still lack of skilled staff in the blockchain area. This is why employers who are in desperate need of such experts are willing to pay a good specialist a quarter more than is offered on average to similar specialists in the marketplace.

    At their end, technical universities at certain countries have already launched programs teaching students the basics of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Qualified experts in these innovative areas are invited as professors. We may as well hope that in a few years the severe shortage of blockchain experts will be compensated, accelerating blockchain implementation in various life spheres.

    What does it mean? It means that cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology are increasingly popular, and no one questions their prospects and importance now. Cryptocurrencies hold the key to the future. Therefore, make contributions to MMM in cryptocurrencies, earn a high percentage of the help provided and shape your own future!
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