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    The МММ Community builds a new fair world in which everyone will live happily and reach success. People will never lack money, so, it is quite possible, thievery will disappear by itself. At least it will surely be less.

    However, for now no one is safe from thieves, and it is not secure to keep money in banks. One of the ways is to hold savings in your home safe. Below we will tell you how to choose the right one.

    Figure out the location

    Before buying a safe, think about its location. It is desirable to attach a safe to the wall that criminals will not get out it with valuables. If the walls of the house are thin and not load-bearing - attach it to the heavy furniture. Once the location is determined, make measurements in order to buy a safe that will suit you best.

    Choose the grade of protection

    Each safe is protected from tampering by a special mechanism. According to the level of protection the models are divided into grades - the higher the grade the more secure and expensive it is. For your house a model with grade 1 or 2 will suit well - such kind of safe is hard to crack in a short time. It is relatively inexpensive. Safes with higher grades are installed in jewelry stores and bank vaults - for a house such protection is unnecessary and quite expensive..

    Choose the lock type

    Three types of locks are installed in safes: mechanical key locks, mechanical code locks and electronic code locks. What they have in common is the bolt work. Bolts are metallic cylinders with a diameter of 20 mm and above. In tamper-proof models bolts can’t be sawn off as they start to turn over without fastening.

    What type of lock to choose is up to you. Each of them is reliable but is not without flaws. The key to a simple mechanical lock can be lost and the code can be forgotten. Although both are subject to restitution. Don’t tell anyone where the key is kept, and don’t write or disclose the code - hold it in mind.

    Take care of your savings - don’t allow criminals to take possession of them. Join MMM, get high interest rates of the Provide Help amount - provide a steady income for your family and yourself!
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