Official News 07.03.2018 Recommendations on rational money usage from MMM: how to avoid spontaneous shoppings

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    We often use our money irrationally - spend it spontaneously, give way to an instantaneous impulse. We want to save up for travelling but, instead, we buy loads of unnecessary things on sale.

    We seem to save, since we buy cheap goods. However, in fact, those things are unnecessary - we just have been tempted by low prices. As a result, we lack money for travelling, and our cupboard is full of extra poor stuff. The MMM Community recommends 4 rules for self-control that will help you avoid unscheduled shopping trips.
    • Postponing. If you have spontaneous desire to buy something, get out of the store and go back there in 20-30 minutes. During that period your fervor will fade and you will understand haste of your decision. Look at the object of your desire once more - you must have understood already that in reality you don’t need that item at all.
    • Deprivations. Think about what you would be deprived of after having made an unplanned purchase. If you buy that phone today, you will have to spend your vacation at home instead of having long-awaited rest at the sea. The more so you have a phone already and it works perfectly.
    • Goods reviews. Before buying, read a product review and pay attention to its weak sides. Consumers will surely describe disadvantages of a product - as a consequence desire to buy a useless thing will go away.
    • Self-analysis. Reflect on why you visited the store to buy one or another thing. What attracted you - a bright colour, an unusual style or a low price. What was your state - depressed, excited, and so on. Such analysis will allow you to understand the reasons of hasty purchases and refrain from them in the future.
    Accept these rules in order to stop wasting your money - you better save up for something really useful and necessary; and also provide help in our Community regularly. Participate in MMM, get high interest rates and reach financial well-being!
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