Official News 08.02.2017 Cancellation of making several control payments and introduction of mavro 50%

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    Сancellation of making several control payments and introduction of mavro 50% for the first PH.

    Dear participants,
    Unfortunately, we have apparently overdone a little bit with precautions and reserve funds. :)) Yes, the situation is absolutely stable now, but an extremely extended queue of confirmations pays for this stability. The queue is decreasing, as we think, too slowly.

    In order to spur the dynamics and speed up, in this way, the pace of the confirmation queue, we decided (after some hesitation! :)) to derogate a little from our current over-precautious policy. :))

    Here we go:

    1. We stop applying several control payments. (So that to avoid extending the non-confirmation queue further. Which is long already as it is.)

    From now on it will be as earlier:

    A) In case of providing help via bank there will be only one -- a 5% control payment, after which the order (or several orders running) for the whole remaining amount (95%), i.e. with confirmation, will be sent.
    B) In case of providing help via Bitcoin – no control payment will be needed. The order for the full amount with confirmation will come.

    2. A new bonus is introduced: a possibility to acquire Mavro-50% for the first PH.

    Sincerely yours,
    Sergey Mavrody

    Together we change the world!
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