Official News 08.02.2018 Attract newbies and develop guider’s skills: how to persuade people in a gentle way

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    The МММ Community builds a new fair world where everyone will have a chance to become successful and happy. To approach success quicker, develop in yourself positive and useful traits, including the ability to persuade.

    Power of persuasion helps easily and unobtrusively get people on your side. This skill will be very helpful when attracting newbies and performing the MMM guider’s duties. How to persuade properly - we will tell you below.

    Act without pressure

    Strong pressure arouses suspicions. If a man exerts too much pressure on an interlocutor - it is noticeable at once and gives pause. Such a position often brings the opposite result - a person feels excessive pressure and “gets off the hook”. Therefore act gently, defend your arguments and make sure to show benefits for interlocutors themselves - so they will agree more willingly.

    Rest assured

    If you speak unconvincingly - the people around you would hardly listen to what you have said. Power of persuasion comes from your own faith. Believe in your words by yourself - pronounce them sincerely, from the heart. Study the subject in depth to be able to answer any questions asked by an interlocutor. He/she will feel your confidence and appreciate your expertise, which is the leap to persuasion.

    Apply the method of reflective listening

    Learn to listen and, what is important - hear interlocutors. If to listen to people attentively, they will get in touch with you more willingly. Focus on their words and elicit the information you need. This is called ability to hear. If to understand a person’s desires - they are much easier to “wheedle”. It is just necessary to contrast their interests with yours and take mutual advantage.

    The atmosphere of trust is a sure way to conviction, therefore learn to create it. Participate in MMM, get high interest rates of the Provide Help amount and achieve success!
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