Official News 08.03.2018 Success secrets: What hinders our happiness

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    МММ’s main purpose is to build a fair world for each common person. In a new world, people will feel happy. However happiness is a subjective notion and greatly dependent on life positions and principles of people themselves.

    Let’s consider 5 life positions that pull us away from the feeling of happiness.
    • Unwillingness to get off the ground. A fulfilling life is a steady development and movement forward. If a man stops evolving - they die morally. While soul sickness is no less dangerous than physical illness. Therefore strive to move forward, open up new horizons for a happy life.
    • Letting others make decisions for you. Don’t allow other people interfere with what you planned. Disregard others’ opinions - decide yourself what should and shouldn't happen in life. Follow your own soul and heart - these are the most reliable advisors.
    • Focusing attention on others’ lives. People often sacrifice their plans not to hurt others. A bright example is parents and grown-up children. Of course, it is necessary to help the kids, but not to the detriment of your own happiness and well-being. Look for compromising decisions, though, first of all, think about yourself without remorse.
    • Finding problems. Different people treat differently one and the same situation. Those who don’t make a mountain out of a molehill and see positivity in difficulties live happily. If you tend to find problems in every trifle, you will hardly feel happy. Change your attitude towards hardships and your life will be full of bright colours.
    • Looking to the past. Bitter experience often prevents a man from moving forward. People fear to burn their fingers - what if they fail again - as a result they don’t take any actions. Perceive past failures as life lessons and a test of tenacity - courageously pursue your goal, overcoming the fear.
    Change your attitude to life and feel happy. Participate in MMM, get high interest rates of the Provide Help amount and be filled with positivity!
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