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    Welcome dear friends, we wish you kindness and positive! ;-)) It’s time to read our new digest and get to know more about the events that occurred in different MMM countries last week.

    Firstly, our Community keeps growing every day; it is getting more numerous, united and stable. Our participants are loyal to the MMM ideology, they are extremely active and goal-oriented. We express our gratitude to everyone and call you to promote and strengthen the Community!

    And now, let’s review the events that occurred in different MMM countries. Let’s start from the analysis and news in the cryptocurrencies world.

    Analysis of the cryptocurrencies market
    Last week, cryptocurrencies showed quite stable dynamics. Read more below.
    • Bitcoin. From February, 26th to March, 5th the dynamics of the BTC price was slow, and there were no drastic falls. During the week, Bitcoin rate grew slowly. On February, 26th it was traded at the price of $9600 but already on the next day the price increased to more than $10 000. On March, 3rd Bitcoin reached the level of $11 0000, and then — $11 500.
      Let’s remind that at the end of the week BTC was criticized by the regulative institutions of Great Britain. The price didn’t decrease, so it’s a good news. In Germany, Bitcoin was recognized as the payment means. It had positive influence on the rate dynamics as it is more relevant than British discussions.
    • Ethereum. Without news support, ETH rate fluctuated in different directions but in the small range. Ethereum started last week at the rate of about $845, and on February, 27th it even reached the level of $890. However, later it corrected and fluctuated between $845 and $870. ETH finished the week at this level.
    • Litecoin. The price of LTC grew up to about $230 at the beginning of the week. However, on March, 1st Litecoin price decreased to $200. Later it corrected after the announcement about new Litecoin Core update launch — v0.15.1.
      On March, 3rd LTC experienced another jump up to #218. Till the end of the week, the LTC price fell a little bit but the week between February, 26th and March, 4th was one of the most calm weeks for the coin.
    • Bitcoin Cash. The week also wasn’t successful for Bitcoin Cash. The price of the coin fluctuated up and down. However, BCH finished the week with a higher price than it was in the beginning.
      On February, 26th BCH cost about $1 150, then its price grew up to $1 270. Almost the whole week, the price of the coin remained at that level. We can underline that the price wasn’t affected by the news that Bitcoin Cash was added to the Debit card BitPay although it was an interesting event.
      Bitcoin also resists the growth. Bitcoin coped with the high fees and continuous transactions fees, therefore BCH is not so convincing as it seemed several months ago.
    • Dash. DASH started the week from $580 but suddenly on February, 27th it increased to about $645. After the correction, the coin returned to the level of $587 in the beginning of March. Then, DASH reached the level of $610. Till the end of the week, the price of DASH fluctuated between $600 and $615.
    • Monero. From February, 26th till March, 3rd Monero showed strong growth from $273 to $373. Partially, this dynamics is similar to the Bitcoin dynamics, however it was more smooth. Probably, the price of the coin was affected by the news about Monero hard fork — Monero V (XMV). After that, the players were looking for free coins, therefore the growth of Monero was significant.
    Our forecast:

    Now, the cryptocurrencies market looks cheerful. Many investors experienced a complicated period in the cryptocurrencies history. Now, they start to be more active. In such conditions, the growth can continue, however these conditions can cause strong volatility.

    We want to underline that currently the situation resembles rising cryptocurrencies trend as at the end of the previous year when Bitcoin price grew up to $20 000. Bitcoin overcame new highs and accelerated the growth. Now, when the fall finished the celebrations of the Chinese New Year were over and investors invested a lot of funds a new growth wave would start. Soon, we will observe new records!

    Note: this analysis of the cryptocurrencies market is just the review and our forecast. It’s our opinion. We don’t guarantee as nobody can give you guarantees concerning the trustworthiness of our forecasts.

    МММ and cryptocurrencies
    • Last week, the price of Bitcoin exceeded the level of $10 000 and fixed at that level. Many market experts said that it was necessary to finish February at a higher level, therefore the bulls would finally overcome bears, and the rate continued to grow. On March, 1st the average Bitcoin price at the cryptocurrencies stock exchanges amounted to $10 700, and today it exceeds $11 500. Therefore, we will wait till the growth continues and we are sure it will happen. Once again, we call you to participate in MMM actively, use cryptocurrencies as it is more profitable than the participation with bank transfers! :))
    • Already more than ⅓ of all transactions in Bitcoin network are supported by SegWit (Segregated Witness) protocol. The main factor that facilitated quick SegWit usage is the approval of the protocol by the two largest cryptocurrencies stock exchanges in the world — Coinbase and Bitfitnex. Let’s remind that SegWit enables to decrease the fees size and increase the block size that has positive influence on the speed of the network and wallets of the users. So, it’s a great news — now it will be easier to participate in MMM with Bitcoin! ;-))
    • Now, you can purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum in Australia with fiat money, moreover you can buy them directly in the newspaper shops. Within the framework of the launch of new service such opportunity was provided to the local citizens by the local cryptocurrencies stock exchange More than 1200 newspaper shops already work with this service. Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular in the everyday life. To buy cryptocurrencies in the shop, the customer needs to have registered digital wallet. The seller will transfer the coins via special QR-code scanning. The minimum purchase volume is 50 Australian dollars ($39), the operation fee is 5%
    • Germany took another broad step in the cryptocurrencies world and recognized Bitcoin as a legal means of payment. Now, Bitcoin is officially determined as currency, it means it can be used as alternative to the fiat money. That’s it! Right decision! There’s no sense to argue the progress, it’s better to develop. We hope other countries will follow the example of Germany and will treat them with more loyalty.
    • During the first two months of 2018, ICO (initial coin offering) showed wonderful results. Starting from January, 2018, 48 ICO-projects collected more than $1.2 bln. The leaders are the projects in trading and investments, finances and communications. This list doesn’t include Telegram Open Network (TON), it means investments in TON were not taken into account. As we can see, the investors are not afraid of volatility in the cryptocurrencies market or fraudsters acting in this sphere. For example, last year 902 ICO projects were registered. Among them, 142 projects collapsed before the start of ICO, 276 closed after the collection of funds. As a result, only 48% of all registered projects stayed in the market. They managed to collect $5.6 bln. According to the experts, this pace will continue. By the end of 2018, ICO will be able to collect more than $7 bln.
    And now, let’s make a short wrap-up of the events that occurred in different MMM countries during the last week
    • Leaders from MMM Brazil continue to work actively. They hold different charity events. Last week, they carried out special event for poor families from Botujuru/SP. As a result, people got 60 basic food supplies and were extremely grateful to our guiders and Community for the provided help. Our activists also provided help to the family from Campos Paulista/SP — they presented 3 basic food supplies, and clothes for the children. Friends, thank you for your help and care about ordinary people. You bring kindness to this world and give us hope for better future. That’s really cool! :))
    • Besides, our Brazilian leaders don’t forget about the development of MMM. Last week, they held several offline events aimed to attract newcomers. During the events, the guests got to know MMM ideology and understood how the Community changes the lives of ordinary people. As a result, we got new active members. Well done, guys. Keep it up! ;-))
    • МММ Peru continues to develop quickly. Last week, the guiders held meetings with the potential members and carried out useful webinar. We are glad that our guys believe in the bright future of the system. MMM will become even more popular in the country. Guys, be active. With your work, our Community will become stronger and more efficient than earlier. We are sure! :))
    • Leaders from MMM Ecuador also hold active charity work. Last week, they carried our the event aimed to support poor people. During the event, our leaders distributed warm clothes among the local population. Friends, we are proud of our participants who constantly organize charity events! Continue to do kind deeds, strengthen the faith of other people in MMM and justice! ;-))
    • Leaders from MMM India are also active. Last week, our Indian activists carried our two events related to the national Spring Festival HOLI that is usually celebrated in the country at the end of February. As a part of celebration, our guiders provided food to 2000 poor people including children. The guiders presented other people clothes and soap, and bags with books for the children. Excellent work, friends! We express you our gratitude for your mercy, well done! :))
    • Last week, guiders from MMM Venezuela held a home-meeting with the potential newcomers. We already said that we are pleased with any kind of offline events as each of them is efficient and profitable. At home-meetings, warm friendly atmosphere always prevails. It makes people closer and brings good results. Therefore, we thank our activists from Venezuela and we call you to invite new members to the Community, use the formats you consider more convenient. The most important is to get positive results. And you know how to do it! ;-))
    • MMM Angola continues its active work and attracts new members. Last week, the guiders produced an interesting advertising video telling about MMM, terms and conditions of the participation, advantages etc. We are sure this video will be very popular among participants, and the number of new members will increase, the System will become more stable and efficient. Well done, guys! Thank you for your activity. That’s great that you develop MMM for the common welfare! :))
    • Leaders from MMM Australia continues to shoot tutorial videos telling local MMM participants about cryptocurrencies. This time, the video is related to the appropriate storage of all TOP cryptocurrencies. Particularly, it explains how to choose a proper wallet, public and private keys, multi-currency wallets and MMM as reliable way for storage and accumulation of cryptocurrency. Once again, we thank our Australian guiders. Friends, your videos are very useful for the participants not only from Australia but from other countries as well. Thank you once again, keep it up. Those who are interested in the video can watch it via the link
    • Active development continues in MMM Indonesia. The participants provide and get help, everybody feels happy and satisfied! :)) And the leaders from this country hold several offline events every week. They always finish successfully, the number of MMM participants grows constantly. Last week, many events occurred and each of them brought positive results. Friends, you are moving in the right direction — just follow it, and everything will be MMM! ;-))
    • The same situation occurs in MMM RSA, MMM Zimbabwe and MMM Turkey — participants feel cheerful, they provide and get help actively, send us a lot of Testimonials. The activity increases constantly. Last week, we noticed the positive dynamics in the number of PH/GH, and the sum of the provided help grows. Well done, guys! Continue to develop the system and don’t forget to attract new members to the Community — therefore we will become stronger and more stable. We wish you success! ;-))
    • MMM Nigeria, MMM Kenya and MMM Ghana become more active compared to the previous weeks. The most important is that the system continues to grow and we are sure our participants will reach good results. We call our guiders to promote the System and attract new members. Friends, you know how to do it. Be decisive and act, you will surely reach positive results! It just can’t be otherwise! :))
    • Last week, participants from MMM Philippines got excellent opportunity. Besides Bitcoin, they can now provide and get help in altcoins — Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. We congratulate you and hope that the Community will develop even faster in this country! ;-))
    • After the celebration of the Chinese New Year, MMM China Community became more active, and last week we observed significant growth and high speed of PH/GH. The development continues. The participants feel energetic and confident in their future. It’s a great mood and excellent dynamics! Friends, let’s go forward together and change the world for better! ;-))
    • Another Mavronews edition is already available for the viewers. Watch it here

    We continue to share Testimonials we get from our participants from all over the world. In their videos, they express gratitude to MMM for the chance to improve their lives. We thank everyone who joined our Community and help other people today.

    Watch a new series of Testimonials from our grateful participants:

    To finish with

    MMM continues to develop actively and move towards its main goal — building a new fair world for everybody. We have no doubts that our Community will reach the main goal as we already have more than 250 mln participants from all over the world. We have goal-oriented participants ready to change their lives for better right now. You are among them!

    We express our gratitude for your loyalty to the MMM ideology, activity and understanding that you are inalienable part of our Community that plays an important role in the further development of the system and its stability!

    Friends, continue to provide help to each other actively and call all your friends and acquaintances, develop MMM in any possible ways. Together we can change the world for better! :))
    Thank you for staying with us, see you next week!

    Best regards,
    MMM Administration
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