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    Dear friends, we welcome you and wish you a wonderful mood! Autumn weeks are running quickly, and we are ready to present fresh news digest to your attention.

    Dear participants! Firstly, we want to thank each of you for your loyalty to our ideas and for your high activity. Thanks to you, the system s refining and its operation is getting more sustainable. The MMM Community is getting stronger and moving forward drastically. And all this is your merit! You provide help to each other, invite new members and promote the System in any possible ways. Well done, guys! Keep it up!:))

    Our successful work proves that mutual help is a great power that can change this world for better and improve lives of ordinary people. Dear friends, continue to participate in MMM actively, provide help, invite newcomers, and we will reach our common goal much faster, and will build a new fair world for everybody!

    And now, let’s go to the digest. Read the recent news in the world of cryptocurrencies, get to know what happened last week on our MMM planet, view photos and videos. Feel the unity of our Community all over the world. Enjoy reading!

    MMM and cryptocurrencies
    • One of the most decently paid bankers of the world James Gorman — the chief of the large financial conglomerate Morgan Stanley — has recently said that he believes Bitcoin is much more than just a temporary passion. These words squeezed out from his mouth during his speech at the event carried out by Wall Street Journal. We are pleased to see the leading financiers talking about broad prospects of the cryptocurrencies that will obviously have a positive influence on their development.
    • Such words of the leading financiers, different positive forecasts and the recent recovery in the world of cryptocurrencies caused the confident growth of the digital money price during the last week. By the way, it continues to grow even now. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies you can use to participate in MMM are moving towards the new records. Generally, there’s nothing unexpected, particularly for those who work with cryptocurrencies for a long time and know all their advantages and tendencies to become more expensive as the volatility of digital currencies is much higher that the volatility of dollar, euro etc.
    • The recent events in China and the fact that cryptocurrencies aren’t legalized yet make some cryptocurrency enthusiasts to worry. However, we want to share our own opinion concerning this issue and calm you down. There are no premises to worry. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be unlikely forbidden all over the world. The cryptocurrencies have already proved its independence and stability despite numerous attempts to restrict their usage. Illegal exchanges are shut down, fraudsters who used digital assets for money laundering are arrested etc. Nevertheless, nobody will forbid cryptocurrencies. Ordinary honest people can use it without any problems. Besides, why should it be forbidden? Just because drugs can be purchased with cryptocurrencies? And what about dollars, yuans or euros? The same thing happens with traditional money. By the way, US dollar is the most frequently used currency in the smuggling world. So, why shouldn’t you forbid it as well? :)) Another plus, cryptocurrencies just can’t be forbidden technically, therefore keep calm. More probably, the authorities will have to look for interaction with the cryptocurrencies instead of trying to shut them down. It’s obvious! Cryptocurrencies are our bright future!
    And now, let’s talk about the most interesting events of the recent week in different MMM countries
    • This time, we will start with our leaders from Kenya who went to Egypt in order to promote MMM there. Last week, we published the photos of their tickets, and today we are publishing their photos from Egypt! Yes, they arrived and started to develop MMM in this new country! :)) The guys made excellent work and we are absolutely sure they will create an excellent background for the further development of MMM in Egypt. As the result, we will get a lot of new happy participants who want to change the world together with us! In our next digest, we will share with you more details. ;-))
    • Leaders from MMM India carried out a large-scale charity events in the cities Sasamusa and Kochaykot in the state Bihar. During the event, they distributed foods and medicines among people who survived after the flood. Now, they have to live outdoors. Generally, 3 200 victims got help on behalf of MMM. Everybody was extremely grateful to our Community and personally to Sergey Mavrodi. People expressed their gratitude to our leader for the kind deeds he shares with the world through MMM, and called him deeply ideological person. At the same time, we thank our guiders from MMM India for their kindness. Thank you for helping those who really need it. You strengthen the faith of these people in our Community doing kind deeds we just can’t overestimate!
    • Pleasant news from MMM RSA! Last week, the participants showed a drastic activity. We get a lot of testimonials from grateful and happy participants. We are pleased to see common people smiling as MMM makes their dreams true! Our members participate actively in the contests where they get prizes for the promotion of the Community. Guys, keep it up! Promote MMM in any possible ways as it is extremely relevant for each participant including you. Your high activity is the guarantee of the stable MMM operation!
    • We also notice the growth of activity in Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia. The number of PH is even higher than last week, and the amounts are bigger. Such dynamics become more constant, therefore we are sure MMM will become even stronger. Friends, don’t slow down and be active in order to reach the highest results! Show everybody your real potential! ;-))
    • During the whole last week one of the most large-scale holidays of the country was celebrated in China — National Day of the People’s Republic of China. Besides, the Chineses also celebrated another holiday — Mid-Autumn Festival. We deeply respect traditions of the Chinese people, therefore we have decided to congratulate our Chinese participants and add a new type of Mavros — with a higher growth rate. These Mavros were available for members till the end of the last week. Besides, we gave away an excellent money prize in the social media. Our participants from China were extremely satisfied! They provided help actively and participated in our contest. :)) We feel pleased to make surprises for you. Once again we congratulate you on these wonderful holidays. Be happy!
    • Last week, our participants from MMM Australia learned the principles of MMM charity activities. The guiders recorded an exciting video where they explained how our mutual aid Community helps people all over the world. Guys, we want to thank you once again for your great contribution to the MMM development. Watch the video here:
    • Last week, a new Mavronews edition was published. It was as interesting and entertaining as the previous ones. :)) Nevertheless, in case you haven’t watched it yet, follow the link
    • Our guiders from MMM Kenya continue to hold offline events telling the guests about our Community. Each presentation gives excellent fruits, and we get more new members. New participants join MMM as they share and support our ideology, and start to provide help actively. Traditionally, our guiders carried out a football Mavro match, and we are extremely grateful. The healthy lifestyle is an important part of MMM ideology, and we are happy you don’t forget about it. Guys, continue to promote our Community, tell your friends and acquaintances, carry out sport events. Call everyone to join us! We will become even stronger! :))
    • Several offline events were held in MMM Ghana and MMM Nigeria. They had both a friendly and official atmosphere. We like both approaches as any meetings help new members to join the system and understand MMM ideology. Our guiders explained it in a clear way, after that new active participants started to promote the system. Continue to expand MMM in order to change the world for the better as soon as possible! :))
    • МММ Philippines had been showing an excellent stability level for already 13 months. More than one year! And it doesn’t stop! Participants feel encouraged and happy, that are ready to move forward. The activity is very high, and it has positive influence on the stability of the Community. Well done, guys! ;-)) You are very friendly guys and the efficiency of MMM depends on your activity and unity. Don’t forget about it for our common and your own welfare. Everything is in your hands! :))
    • MMM Turkey as usual shows high activity and a lot of positive emotions. We are extremely pleased. ;-)) In different cities of the country guiders hold offline events in different formats. They invite the guests to the business centers, cafes and their own homes. Anyway, the meetings always occur in a friendly atmosphere, the information is easy to understand. Obviously, it gives wonderful fruits! After each meeting, new active members join us. The guiders don’t forget to coordinate their actions, they gather and share the results of the completed work and draw up the further plan. Such work gives excellent results! Well done! :))
    • Already for two weeks MMM Turkey has been promoting the system in social media. The results are quite good. Besides, the guiders carried out several presentations for the newcomers. They recorded the explanatory videos and held several meetings. Special T-shirts with MMM symbology were made for the guiders team, and new leaflets were printed. One of the guiders decided to purchase school supplies and books for the pupils of local school at his own cost! Great! The guiders of MMM Turkey didn’t stop and continue to invent new ways of development of the system within the country. We express our gratitude for your strong activity and call everyone to follow the example of our Turkish activists! :))
    • Everything is still stable in MMM Brazil. The guiders hold offline events, including large-scale ones, and a lot of new participants join our Community. Thank you friends for promoting and strengthening MMM. Thanks to your efforts, our Community becomes stronger and more powerful, and it is really great for each participant. Continue to be active — use any opportunity for the promotion of MMM. We believe in you! :))
    • Recently, MMM Community in Ecuador has celebrated its first anniversary. We congratulate you once again with this important event! This week, we are publishing photos and videos from the event, and we are proud to share it with you in our timeline. Special guests also attended the event, among them MMM administrators from Peru, Mexico, Colombia. The total number of the guests amounted to 220. The leaders of MMM Ecuador showed their optimistic mood and said they would work even harder in order to reach better results in the nearest future. We wish them prosperity and welfare! :))
    • In MMM Argentina, we have finally launched our groups in social networks such as facebook, twitter and instragram. It means our Community in this country will develop even faster, and thousands of new people will get to know about us. Well done guys! Continue to promote and strengthen MMM! ;-)) Don’t forget that each new participant is important for us as we are building a new fair world for everybody. If we have more members in our Community we will change the lives of ordinary people for better. Soon, around 2000 crypto ATMs will be mounted in Argentina, therefore it will be even easier to participate in MMM with cryptocurrencies. Excellent news! :))
    • And finally one more pleasant piece of news. MMM started its operation again in Venezuela! And the results are great! (We had to stop operating in this country because of the problems with providing help using local currency. Now the participation is available again — members can use cryptocurrencies.) Last week the conference of guiders was held in Venezuela. Within the meeting they discussed the plans for the development of the Community. Friends, we are sure you found the best possible options. You are young, energetic and goal-oriented people with strong ambitions, therefore you will surely reach what you want! Last week, MMM Venezuela carried out the charity event for the pupils of one of the schools. The children got necessary school supplies and pleasant gifts. Thank you guys for your care about the youngest generation! You make them believe in the bright future, and it’s extremely important. Keep it up! :))

    Best Testimonials

    As usual, today we are publishing testimonials from our participants. It’s such a pleasure to watch these videos. We want to watch them again and again! We are pleased to share these 3 videos in our weekly digest. Enjoy watching!

    To finish with

    As you can see, the passed week was really productive as the previous ones. There were a lot of interesting events, however we choose only the most brilliant and memorable ones to share with you, otherwise we would have written a book instead of the digest. We have published a lot of photos, more than usual. We just couldn’t stop. :))

    Once again, we want to express you our gratitude for active PH, attraction of newcomers, holding charity events and doing other kind deeds. It is a great contribution to the development of MMM. Activity is the moving force of MMM. Remember that the prosperity of the system depends on each of us, therefore be more initiative and use all possible ways for its promotion.

    Continue to provide help actively, share the information about us in the social media, on forums, hold online and offline events. We are happy that you are doing your best to promote MMM, strengthen it. If you want to know different ways for massive attraction of newcomers (it is useful for you as you can get cool referral and leadership bonuses). Enroll in the free MMM School. In 11 days you will get to know a lot of interesting.

    Don’t stay indifferent to our Community — to the people who are waiting for your help and count on your support at this moment. You get help and make your dreams true with our system. Together we are changing the world for the better!

    Thank you for the attention, stay with us and don’t miss our next weekly news digest!

    Best regards,
    MMM Administration
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