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    Offline Charity Event at Emmanuel Children's Home Ikinu, Kiambu | MMM East Africa

    Presentation started off with prayer. Pamphlets were given out, open remarks were in
    vernacular. The speakers explained what MMM is in his mother tongue.
    He explained that it is not a bank account and neither was it an investment. He also added that
    registration is for free and the new member qualified to get a registration bonus, referral bonus,
    guiders/ managerial bonus. Other members wearing MMM Kenya t-shirts introduced themselves.
    and some briefly added on to what was already said in vernacular. The owner of the home gave thanks and introduced the children to MMM members in vernacular. The closing prayer was done in vernacular. The Presenter announced the date and venue of the next presentation.
    MMM, the power of giving!

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    MMM Kenya Presentation at Royal Hotel Githunguri | MMM East Africa

    MMM is a communication tool for you and me. It didn’t start online like what we are seeing,
    but it started as a group of people who did activities together. You access each other online. these were words echoed by the presenter.
    He further alluded that MMM is a global mutual group of people who give help. He briefly
    explained the principles of how banks make money. MMM has its own currency which is the
    mavro and it is a fair , financial system.He explained how to register and create a personal
    office. In MMM members exchange donations mutually. MMM is the power of giving. For each
    amount of donation there is 30% growth rate acquired monthly eg if you give 200 shielings, by
    end of January it will be 260 shielings. MMM teaches and promotes love; charity, peace, joy,
    trust and family security.
    Viva MMM!

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    MMM Presentation at Mwalimu Hotel, Kenya | MMM East Africa

    Many enthusiastic guests attended the presentation by Linus Milanya at Mwalimu hotel. He introduced himself. In the acronym MMM the first M stood for Mavrodi which is the surname of the founder, the next M stood for Mondial meaning global all over the world and M moneybox. He told the guests that MMM was not online marketing neither was it Multi Level Marketing. It was a community of people helping each other financially.
    MMM community was founded in 1992 and operated as analogue in Russia but became digital in 2011. In Africa it was introduced in SA in 2015. More than 2 billion assistance have benefited globally it is in 118 countries. Banks are inhuman. People work hard and put their money in banks. Banks exploit people but in MMM members help each other. Bankers work less but become rich and earn millions from people money whilst peasants earn peanuts. The solution to this was to join a new financial and just order MMM.
    Long live MMM!!!

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