Official News 09.11.2016 Report about the community training that took place in Santo Andre, SP.

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    Summary: The event was based on Mr. Nestor and his wife explanation about functioning, legality and planning at the MMM.

    In a very simple way, demonstrating deep knowledge of the economy and the MMM system, Mr. Nestor and his wife, organized an expository lecture, explained all about the system, its benefits, transformations, possibilities, promotions, projections, legality and sustainability.

    In the event, the couple shared their success of the community in Colombia and has shown to us some interesting strategies to develop the MMM in Brazil. All invited guests were excited and thrilled with the way everything was explained. That is a fact that leaded us to conclude that MMM in Brazil will have profitable future, fulfilling its role in economic and social development worldwide.

    Several leaders present pledged to organize MMM events in their cities, starting in October and November, when a successful couple still be in Brazil. All leaders were presented with a beautiful pin (brooch) with MMM symbols on it and a beautiful folder with very interesting information about MMM.

    Photos here:
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