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    MMM participants provide financial help to each other and get crazy percents. The mutual aid Community is building a fair world where everybody lives happily. In the internet, MMM works since 2011 although initially MMM worked only in 3 countries, now it works in 118 countries. And we have more than 240 mln participants all over the world.

    Nevertheless, the Community was launched for the first time already in 1994 in Russia. After the great success, it was illegally closed by the Russian government that stole money of the participants. Even in that period, MMM could change the world and unite different countries, however it was impossible due to the authorities.

    7 interesting facts about MMM in 1994
    • Money of the participants was stored in cash in the MMM offices. Therefore, Russian authorities were able to steal all the money when the Community was destroyed. It’s important to notice that in modern MMM people provide help to each other directly without intermediaries. In this way, Sergey Mavrodi protected the money of the participants.
    • Mavros were printed in the form of banknotes such as U.S. dollars or yuans. The price was fixed by Sergey Mavrodi personally. It changed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The changes of the rate were announced on the TV and radio. On the average, Mavros grew 100% per month.
    • In 6 months, 20 mln participants joined MMM, and the amount of the contributions was equivalent to ⅓ of the Russian budget. Mavros grew 127 times. The participants who provided help in the amount of $1000 withdrew $127 000 in 6 months.
    • For the several times, MMM Community presented free tickets for Moscow metro for all Russian citizens.
    • The government offered Sergey Mavrodi to sell MMM, however he refused as he acted on behalf of all participants.
    • Sergey Mavrodi wanted to go beyond Russia and promote MMM abroad, however it contradicted the interests of the government. The authorities dreamt to earn money with MMM but Sergey Mavrodi dreamt to build a new world.
    • The authorities applied special forces, and occupied the central office of MMM. The financial documentation was withdrawn, and the authorities took out 17 lorries with money.
    In 1994, the government didn’t allow MMM Community to develop, however now the things have changed. MMM is not a juridical company but the voluntary mutual help Community. The money is on the accounts of the participants. MMM can’t be closed, and the money can’t be taken out. Therefore, participate in MMM, get high accrued percents and build a new fair world. Together, we are changing the world!
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