Official News 10.11.2016 MMM Community Development Task: Watch and share Mavronews episodes

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    The members of Community shoot the episodes of MavroNews on weekly basis to demonstrate the progress of MMM movement. So let’s share the last episode on social networks. Please post it in the different groups. If someone who is not our member yet will contact you, explain him/her what our Community is and assist to sign up in MMM.

    Every Nigerian will be with us!

    Watch a Mavro News episode, subscribe to the channel, write a review, share on social networks: Facebook, Twitter.

    1. Go to

    Click “Subscribe”.


    2. Play any video


    3. Watch the video, like or dislike it.


    4. Scroll the page down and write a comment.


    5. Click Share and choose Twitter.


    In the appeared window add your comment, be sure to save the link to the video. Add hash tags: #MMMNigeria #MMMNigeria_Pays #Nigeria #NigeriaNews.

    Make a tweet.


    6. Click Share and choose Facebook.


    In the appeared window add your comment. Add hash tags: #MMMNigeria #MMMNigeria_Pays #Nigeria #NigeriaNews.

    Choose Share on your own Timeline and Public.

    Post it.


    7. Go to

    Click “New Message” on the right.


    In the appeared dialogue window in the line “To:” type your Facebook friends names.


    8. Write a message, invite to subscribe to the news channel where one can find good and positive news.

    Use the channel link:


    Send a message.

    9. Open Groups.


    Click on any group which you follow.


    Write a post inviting everyone to subscribe to the good news channel.
    Use the channel link:

    Post it.


    Make the same post in each group you are a member of.

    10. If you are not a member of the group, follow this link: nigeria

    Join 5-8 groups.


    You can also change the search request for Nigeria Online Earning, Nigeria Earning, Nigeria Business, Nigeria and so on.


    After you have successfully become a member of a group, you can do step 9


    Please do not forget to do again the tasks of the previous weeks:
    1. Share Posts from MMM Nigeria Fanpage
    2. Conduct a presentation on WhatsApp
    3. Share your progress with MMM
    4. Change cover photo and add more friends on Facebook
    5. Create Group & Conduct Presentation on FB
    6. Create MMM Fan Page on FB
    7. Share 10 Facts about MMM
    8. Like and Share MMM video on Youtube
    9. Read and Share MMM Presentation Slides
    The more tasks you will complete, the more referrals you will get and the stronger MMM will be!

    By our efforts, MMM Nigeria will overcome!
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