Official News 10.11.2017 In the modern world, the things are intentionally made to break quicker

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    When we buy a new jersey, washing machine or car we hope it will work for a long time. However, the manufacturers think in another way. The modern world is the world of money where all decisions are taken for the benefit of someone. It also refers to the manufacturers of goods.

    Each good is produced so that it breaks as quick as possible, so that people pay more money for the repair, purchase new details or new articles. Producing high-quality products is not profitable. If people buy things that serve for a long period of time they simply won’t make any new purchases.

    3 categories of goods that break down for the sake of revenues
    • Cars. Every year, companies create new car models although they practically don’t differ from the previous ones. Over time, the companies stop producing the spare parts of the obsolete models, and the owners of the cars just can’t find necessary details. The manufacturers don’t want to sell parts of the car but intend to sell a new car.
    • Machines. Washing machines, mobile phones and notebooks are produced taking into account its breakdown after the expiration of the warranty term. For example, users filed lawsuits against Apple because the batteries of their phones broke down immediately after the expiration of the warranty term. The manufacturers don’t produce the details for the obsolete machines, old operational systems don’t support new programs etc.
    • Clothes. New clothes are made from the tenuous cheap materials and are sold many times more expensive than they really cost. The main idea of the clothing industry consists in following the fashion. Then, the clothes become obsolete, and you have to purchase new items. However, even unpopular clothes are low-quality - leathers break, buttons fall off, fabric deteriorates.
    95% of the modern goods are created so that they break faster. In this simple way, ordinary citizens are forced to spend money they earned hardly. However, MMM will change everything.

    The mutual help Community is building a new fair and honest world without frauds. The main indicator is not your earning but reputation and respect. Participate in MMM, get high accrued percents and create a new happy future!
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