Official News 11.10.2016 15th batch of MMM China Guiders School is about to start!

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    Dear Participants!

    Every day our community is growing and getting more and more active. We are happy to inform you that MMM in China has already started the 15th season of Guiders School. We invite every active person with good ambitions to take a training course in official MMM school. The school with the head Anastasia guarantees each member a high quality education.

    To apply for MMM School course, follow the link:


    1. Please filling in the application form provide clear information and try to avoid mistakes. You can complete the registration only once, so be very careful when you fill in the form. DO NOT duplicate!!!
    2. Registering a Google mailbox you need to use VPN. If you do not have a VPN software, we recommend you to open the following link: and download and install VPN.
    3. Registration period:10th Oct. -17th Oct.
    4. Training period: 22th Oct.-10th Nov.
    5. Make sure you meet the requirements and can accept the training period before registering.
    6. Upon successful registration, within 48 hours, a school representative will contact you. You will receive an invitation letter on your e-mail, so don't forget to check your e-mail box for the letter with the subject: "Welcome to the 15th season of Leadership Training in MMM China"
    7. After passing the training in MMM school, you will know more about MMM and about the financial world in the whole. You will learn how to work on social networks, sites, forums, etc. You will understand how to bring MMM ideas to people, and how to deal with their objections.
    8. When you complete the entire course, you will get a guider status and receive more leader's bonuses. You will learn how to develop your own structure. The knowledge you get at MMM School helps even inexperienced participants become excellent leaders of large structures.

    Take the training in MMM school and become qualified guiders!
    Education in school is free and available to everyone!
    Together we change the world!

    The training course is free of charge and available for everyone!
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