Official News 11.11.2016 The period of keeping confirmed mavro is limited!

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    Dear participants!

    To increase the System’s stability we introduce a new rule limiting the period of keeping confirmed Mavro in PO. It is active since the moment of this announcement publication.

    If at the moment of confirmation, it appears that your Mavro were bought more than half of a month (15 days) ago, upon confirmation their amount with added percent automatically turns into Mavro-0%. It means that their further growth stops after confirmation. But you can cash-in them immediately and get all percent accrued during this time (prior to confirmation) in full (we suppose that every participant will withdraw all his mavro — why do you need Mavro-0% ? You could get all your Mavro with all percent and be happy :)).

    After that you can buy Mavro 30% again, it is allowed. But firstly cash-in those Mavro that you had!

    Let's consider examples:

    1. On October 15th, you have acquired Mavro-30%.
    On November 15th you’ve got an order. You complete it and your mavro become confirmed. When it was acquired? October 15th — less than 15 days ago, that means that your Mavro will stay Mavro-30% and it will keep growing November the 1st (15 days after Mavro creation date). After November the 1st it will turn into Mavro-0% automatically.

    2. On October 15th, you have acquired Mavro-30%.
    But at this time you got your orders on 15th of November, not like in previous example. You complete it and your mavro become confirmed. When it was acquired? October 15th — one month ago — more than 15 days ago. That means your Mavro will turn into Mavro-0% immediately after confirmation. You should withdraw it (why do you need Mavro-0% ?) and get your Mavro with all percent for this month. After that you are able to continue your participation and acquire Mavro-30% again.

    It is useful to note that some of participants will try to delay the moment of confirmation in every way -- just not paying the order for confirmation for example, because not confirmed mavro growing without any limits.

    That’s way, we warn you that those participants will be blocked and lose all their percent for their Mavro. We hope this will not happen and asking you to be responsible and careful.

    Check your PO regularly!

    Hope for your understanding,
    MMM Administration.

    Together we change the world!
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