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    On 12/18/2016, the offline Christmas presentation was held in the city of Balsas-MA. The event was held in open and airy environment.

    During the event MMM Brazil System was presented, giving information about community's goals and instructing participants how the system works and its advantages. Soon after, there was the distribution of toys for the needy children of that region.

    In the end it was served a coffee break, offered especially for children. Along food served were snacks such as cakes, popcorn and soda. I have prepared the snack by myself with the intention to reduce community costs. At the end, several photos were taken with the participants.

    15 adults and more than 30 children participated in this event. I have received 4 applications for registration and 1 is planning to donate 150 BRL. People were quite excited about the event.

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