Official News 12.03.2018 Expert opinion: Bitcoin will increase to $100 000

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    There are two possible ways to provide help in МММ: through fiat (traditional) money and a cryptocurrency. We recommend using the second way, since it is faster, safer and the main thing - more profitable.

    Lately the cryptocurrency market has been undergoing correction - the price of Bitcoin and a number of altcoins has fallen for a long time, in light of this, digital gold “opponents” started to predict its total collapse again. However, nowadays the market is gradually stabilizing, so don’t rush to panic and sell your cryptocoins. The more so, the majority of experts are still certain in further Bitcoin progress.

    Bitcoin will reach $100 000 and is not going to stop

    As mass media report, CEO of Shopin Blockchain marketplace, Eran Eyal, is confident in the Bitcoin price growth up to $100,000 and higher. Whereas in his speech, Eyal calls Bitcoin a “means of hoarding”, which implies that he considers it as a useful tool for long-term investment. The expert thinks that the main reason of the recent drop in cryptocurrency prices lies in the pressure exerted by South Korean and Chinese authorities.

    Bitcoin will withstand attacks and continue to grow

    The larger part of world trades falls on cryptocurrency markets of China and South Korea. So it is quite natural that those countries’ policy restriction against digital money has a negative impact on the rate quotations. Conjectures and rumours scare inexperienced traders, as a result they eager to sell their cryptocurrency “stocks” - “leak” them, knocking down the price.

    Nevertheless, Eyal don’t doubt that, as earlier, Bitcoin will be able to resist all the attacks and will certainly survive - stabilize and continue to go up. We share the expert’s opinion and as usual encourage you to participate in MMM using cryptocurrencies - they are the future!

    Participate in MMM using cryptocurrencies, get high interest rates of the Provide Help sum and improve your well-being!
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