Official News 12.10.2016 MMM Africa Opens 111th to 114th Batches of Guider's School

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    The MMM Africa enrolls new students for Guider’s School. Each member of the Community from any African country can apply for this school, pass the course and become a guider in MMM. Being a guider you can get a lot of opportunities: to register new members through your Personal Office, to create your own multi-level structure and to receive guider’s bonuses from all the contributions of your downliners.

    Applicants should fill out the form below: (Login to google account before filling in the application)
    Applications closes on the 12th of October 2016 OR when maximum capacity of 300 students has been Reached. Classes start 12th October 2016.

    Guider’s School was found to prepare leaders who know and share the values of MMM and who are able to attract new members online and offline. The School lasts for 10 days and is conducted remotely over the Internet. Daily meetings are held where participants share with their experience and achievements. Guider’s School will teach you how to attract participants in social networks, how to make promotional pictures, how to record a high-quality video, how to create your own blogs and websites, and a lot of other essential information.

    But the most important – Guider’s School graduates will know the ideas of the Community and, consequently, they will represent the System for potential participants – their relatives, friends, colleagues in real life and friends in social networks – in the right way. Also, the students will be able to take part in training games, where they will use their knowledge in practice, learn to work in a team and demonstrate their attitude to the Community.

    Remember it is absolutely free of charge! All it is needed to graduate the school is your desire and time.

    Good luck: become leaders, get referral and leader bonuses from the participants you attract, and develop the Community!
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