Official News 12.10.2016 Оffline presentation in Sambay City

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    09.10.2016 we organized the offline presentation in Sambay City, Maranian region (Sambaiba-Ma).

    The event was on the open space. We used auto stereo system, because our city accommodated to such kind of event.

    We shared flyers from the same car, that was used for ambient sound. We turned on the sound before the event to attract more people.

    We presented the system MMM Brazil, telling about the community goals, work and benefits, sharing the brochures.

    Right after that we played game of lotto offering two types of gifts:
    • The first one is a lunch box with 1 toaster, 1 bread knife, 1 cup with logo MMM, 1 box decorated with MMM logo.
    • The second one is box with chocolate that concluded different types of chocolate, 1 box decorated with MMM logo.
    Also, we raffled between the participants in the amount of 50 reals. The participant went out from the event registered and the sum was used as a first provided help, as a motivation for other persons to participate and provide help during the event.

    Right after the lotto, we shared promotional boxes with gifts that contained:
    • Promotional boxes with gifts from MMM Brazil (pen, ruler, calendar and sticker).
    • Additional gifts: cups with stickers.
    Finally, all participants were done the honors of the table. And we made photo with everybody.

    There were 58 people who liked the system very much. Now we have 40 requests for registration, 9 persons provided help, other will register during the week.

    The presentation was filmed and organized by Edgar:
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