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    MMM members help each other financially and earn a high percentage of the help provided. With these conditions, anyone has a chance to start a new life and their own business.

    Some people are scared when they hear about “business”. But starting a business doesn't have to be complicated. In our previous articles, we talked about starting a home-based day care center or children's party planning business. Such businesses are simple and valuable. Today, we're going to talk about another business that makes a positive contribution to community life and doesn't require a lot of effort.

    Mobile phone charging kiosks

    We're used to the vending machines that make tea and coffee or sell Pepsi Cola and other drinks — you just need to throw in the money and get the product. Some 10 or 15 years ago these vending machines seemed like a wonder — today they're commonplace. They're installed in almost every store while producing a fixed profit to store owners. In the last 2 years, similar machines used to charge mobile phones have gained popularity.

    A mobile phone is an irreplaceable tool of communication for us. Both children and adults use it. Carrying around a charging device is inconvenient, and appliance receptacles aren't always available. This is why a mobile phone charging kiosk is a life saver for those whose mobile phone has discharged at the wrong time.

    A big advantage of this business is that you don't have to set up dedicated premises — a kiosk can be installed anywhere. It's preferable to install it somewhere public to get as many customers as possible.

    The kiosk features the following:
    • It has lockers with cables.
    • A customer inserts a bill note into the bill acceptor, takes the receipt, puts the phone into the locker, connects it to the charging device and locks the locker.
    • After a while the customer takes back the fully charged phone.
    • To take the phone back, they have to use the receipt with a bar code that unlocks the locker.
    To start this business, you need to purchase two or three kiosks — they're not expensive. Install them in public places with a running stream of people: supermarkets, train stations, institutes, schools... Your investment will pay back in six months tops, and the business will start producing a profit. If you want, you can expand the business by purchasing a couple more kiosks.

    This way, you can create your own business that is useful to others and produces a profit for you. To earn money for a startup capital, contribute to MMM and earn a high percentage of the help provided. These conditions will help you save up for your own business!

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