Official News 12.12.2017 Change the World with MMM, Starting with Yourself

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    This world is an unjust place. Millions of people starve while a bunch of bankers and magnates enjoy life. The poor have no money for health care, their kids' education, but the rich don't care.
    Together, by uniting within MMM, we're going to build a new just world and to defeat the social inequality. Each person is going to be happy and successful. However, to achieve results faster, we urge you to develop positive traits of character. We will never grow tired of saying that change starts with oneself.

    Strengthen self-discipline
    A lazy person who cannot event wake up on time is unlikely to achieve huge success. Such people don't set goals — they are content with their present existence. They aim at nothing, they live a passive life.
    Therefore, to become successful, strengthen your self-discipline. Wake up early, make an efficient daily plan, don't waste your precious time. You're the master of your own destiny, so prove it to yourself and those around you.

    Help others
    There are many people around you who need help. Don't be callous to other people's problems — help them however you can. Help them with money, medication, food, clothes, etc.
    Those in need are happy to get as little as they can. Do good, make the world a warmer place. Be a role model for others through your actions. If each member does at least one good thing after reading this article, we will get a lot closer to the goal we have set.

    The MMM Community believes in justice — it's the cornerstone of our vision. Help yourself and others attain happiness and success — refine yourself and do good by others. Join MMM, earn a high percentage of the help provided and make the world a better place!
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