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    Two ways of money transfers are provided in МММ: via a bank and cryptocurrency. We recommend that you use the second way, since it is faster, safer and more profitable.

    This article will tell you about a progressive cryptocurrency - Litecoin: its specifics and financial attractiveness.

    What is Litecoin?

    Litecoin cryptocurrency is historically considered a second Bitcoin fork; however, today, probably, the most successful. Crypto users call Litcoin “digital silver”, meanwhile, His Majesty Bitcoin is, of course, recognized as “digital gold”.

    Litecoin founder Charlie Lee is a programmer who at the time of creating his cryptocoin was working at Google.

    What are the differences?

    Litecoin has some technical distinctions from Bitcoin in favour of simplified use. It can be said that Charlie Lee has succeeded in it. Transactions are carried out quicker on the Litecoin network as opposed to the Bitcoin network, and fees are lower.

    Besides, traditionally Litecoin is cheaper than Bitcoin and has fewer users. Updates correspondingly take place faster as well as implementing various progressive novelties. This means that Litecoin is “liter” than Bitcoin on many parameters and, therefore, is valued by its supporters very much.

    Litecoin as a means to earn money

    From the point of view of financial attractiveness Litecoin is developing in accordance with general crypto market dynamic. For the first time its price skyrocketed by 100% in 2013.

    But in 2017 investors were particularly pleased with this coin as it grew quicker than the market and brought great profit to its supporters. To a large extent it was connected with the fact that the Bitcoin price became unaffordable for many. Not everyone is ready to give several thousand dollars for a Bitcoin, besides, when there is depreciation, losses will also be measured by thousands. A lot of users were reluctant to buy Bitcoin by installments and thought that it was too late to get in the “train”.

    In such a situation “entering” in Litecoin cryptocurrency was perceived by many users much safer and didn’t threaten them with terrifying losses. That’s why, on the wave of interest to cryptocurrencies in 2017, many users preferred to invest exactly in Litcoin and were right.

    A huge price spike and the present situation

    At the beginning of 2017 Litecoin was worth of a bit more than $4 for a coin. As early as in April its price increased to $10, and in May exceeded $30. June and July witnessed the range from $40 to $50.

    The period of rapid fluctuations on the cryptocurrency market end summer and autumn 2017, Litecoin overcame calmly, which also brought to it new users. In mid November 2017, Litecoin started to soar, honourably paying off patience of its supporters.

    On December 18, Litecoin price was over $350. After that, as on the whole cryptocurrency market, its price began to go down, but it still cost several-fold more than before. If to compare with the beginning of 2017, hardly someone from investors was dissatisfied.

    That is how “digital silver” can be characterized in short. This is a perspective coin indeed, which deserves attention of cryptocurrency exchange players and common users for a reason. You are advised to take a closer look at it too.

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