Official News 13.11.2017 How to write about MMM. A short step-by-step guide.

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    It’s good to write about МММ. This attracts newbies and thus speeds up the Community development, enhances stability and brings you profit.

    Earlier we already advised how to write about MMM to attract more newbies. This time we have prepared a short step-by-step guide that will help consolidate all the recommendations.

    Where you should write

    Write about MMM wherever it is permitted: in blogs, on forums, your social media pages. Don’t hesitate, since the more your posts will be there the more chances it will give to a ttract new members.

    However, don’t get off topic (don’t write a post on a totally unrelated subject) and avoid spamming - you might be banned on any reputable site. If you read an article on pancakes recipe, abstain from writing on it 10 comments with a call to join MMM.

    How you should write

    To write well, follow the four rules:
    • Show a reader the benefits they may have joining the Community. What will they get after they join MMM?
    • Don’t push. Your purpose is to help make a right choice. Tell them what you and your family achieved with MMM, give a link to the Testimonials. Write easily and respectfully.
    • Use numbers. Phrase “240 million participants get no less than 30% of their Provide Help amount’ looks more convincing than “there are a lot of people who get profit”.
    • Call to action. At the end of the text, call to join MMM, give a referral link or a link to a personal Landing Page, as well specify contact details through which you can be accessed.

    What you should write about

    In your text tell a reader:
    • About monthly interest rate and bonuses.
    • Give examples showing how much he or she can receive.
    • About ideology.
    • About the MMM’s magnitude and legality.
    • About Testimonials.
    • About simplicity of participating and your personal experience.
    Your text should become useful and interesting. Take a look at it from a reader’s perspective: would you find the text interesting for yourself?

    Such methods are also applied to conducting dialogues. If you hold conversation, enumerate advantages, show what is useful and don’t push. Your task doesn’t change in dialogues so go by the same rules.

    Keep in mind that the MMM Mutual Aid Community offers excellent referral and leader bonuses. You get 10% of each help provided by new members you invited. With such interest rate you have a chance to provide for yourself financially even without using your own money. Attract newbies and help the Community evolve. Build a fair world where everyone will live happily!
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