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    Welcome, dear friends! :)) Another week of November has ended, and today we will make a summary the past events. You will get to know a lot of interesting information about thing happened in the last seven days on our MMM planet.

    The main goal of the MMM Community is to build a new, fair world for everybody. In this world, anyone will become financially independent, successful and happy. The most important is to follow the ideas behind MMM vision.

    Let’s review the results for the last week. We will share with you the information about the events in different MMM countries. Traditionally, we will start with the news from the cryptocurrencies world.

    МММ and Cryptocurrencies
    • Last week, Segwit2 hard fork planned for November was officially cancelled. Bitcoin will not be split into 2 chains. It will remain undivided and continue on its current course of development. This was communicated in the joint official address by the Segwit2x lead developer, Jeff Garzik, and other leading advocates of the hard fork. Former advocates of Segwit2x stated that their aim was scalability improvement and they never wanted to split the Bitcoin or hinder its growth and full-scale development. Therefore, they have renounced the idea until the entire Bitcoin community agrees unanimously on the need for such improvement.
    • The news was followed by a surge of the leading cryptocurrency's price into a new all-time high of USD 7,899. The price has now consolidated, but it will most certainly continue to rise very soon and will break new important records. Therefore, don't hesitate to use bitcoin within MMM and continue to build the new future!
    • According to the statistics of the service Google Trends, for the last year the request “buy bitcoin” became more popular than the request “buy gold” — 96 points compared to 54 points. According to the experts, the growth of the request popularity coincides with the growth of the American stock market and favourable situation at the world market this year. In this time, the price of gold increased by only 11% while Bitcoin grew more than six times! As we can see, the progress of the cryptocurrency is obvious, and it will continue to grow. Bitcoin has a large potential, and becomes more popular day after day!
    • Altcoins have also become more expensive. At the end of the last week, the price of the popular cryptocurrency DASH increased by more than 20%, one coin price exceeded $450. Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital currencies grew as well. The cryptocurrencies market is developing, although with some fluctuations typical for this development stage. Nevertheless, we can surely state that digital money will soon become a real alternative to the fiat money and change the traditional system of the financial relations.

    And now, let’s review the news in different MMM countries for the last week
    • The leaders of MMM Colombia promote the Community in a creative way, and we are extremely pleased. :)) Last week, they carried out the advertising campaign on bicycles — original thought! Young and energetic guys with posters wearing t-shirts and caps with MMM symbology decided to ride bicycles on the streets of the city. They talked with the pedestrians, explained them the ideology of our Community and handed out advertising leaflets. They invited a lot of new participants to MMM and made some excercises! Guys, keep it up, invent new interesting things for the invitation of the new members. We call everyone to follow the example of these talented innovators! ;-))
    • МММ India continues to develop and hold charity events on the behalf of our Community. Last week, our guiders carried out the charity event for the older people from the nursing home. The elders were very happy with the got help, they felt care and tenderness. We want to express our gratitude to the guiders who continue to help people of different ages — both children and elders. Thank you so much guys, thank you for your kindness and mercy! Besides, the guiders carry out large-scale meetings and conferences with more than 200 participants. Well done, guys, thank you for your activity and contribution to the development of our Community! :))
    • As usual, МММ RSA and МММ Zimbabwe show great results. The activity of the participants grew significantly last week, it means they are ready to change their lives for the better. They understand they are responsible for their lives, and they have to manage their own destiny — change their life right now. Together with MMM, we can make miracles and improve our own welfare. Let’s do it, together we are changing the world! ;-))
    • МММ Indonesia and МММ Myanmar continue to develop. Last week, a lot of new members registered in the system. At the same time, the participants provide help actively and get their payments with high accrued percents. Friends, continue to be active, remember that the stability and efficiency of our Community depend on you. Provide constant help to each other, participate in MMM responsibly, therefore we will become even stronger. Firstly, it will help you to improve your own welfare and maintain your families. We believe in you! :))
    • МММ Brazil continues to develop and please us with interesting and important moments. Last week, a lot of events occurred in the country. However, we want to underline the most relevant — wonderful events for the children from the orphanage held by our guiders. They created funny and positive atmosphere, so the kids were extremely happy! ;-)) Friends, thank you for your creative approach in holding charity events. You managed to give the children brilliant unbelievable emotions. Keep it up, your work is invaluable! :))
    • The things are going excellent in MMM Egypt. The Community continues to gain its momentum, becomes more efficient. The work of the guiders in the country is extremely active with the help of our Kenyan leaders. As you remember, our guiders from Kenya arrived in Egypt at the beginning of October in order to promote MMM. Today, we can surely declare that the results are significant. And it’s just the beginning! The leaders constantly hold meetings and carry out offline events for the attraction of new members. The work is well organized, well done, guys! Continue to promote our Community for the benefit of ordinary people! ;-))
    • As usual, МММ Kenya and MMM Ghana show stable results, the guiders are very active that is extremely important for the development of the Community. They hold a lot of offline events for the attraction of new members, explain the advantages of the participation in MMM, its goals and principles of work. After such events, the Community gets new participants who provide help immediately. We also appreciate football Mavro-matches in Kenya. Such events are extremely useful as they help to strengthen health and promote our Community. Well done, guys! Keep it up! ;-))
    • МММ China becomes stronger and more stable, new participants join the Community. Last week, several thousands of new members joined MMM China. They have already provided help in the system. Great results!
    • МММ Philippines works already more than one year and proves that our Community can prosper and develop successfully on the long-term basis if each participant understand its own responsibility for the stability of the System. The participants of this country are really responsible, and we express our sincere gratitude to each of them. Friends, continue to provide help to each other, invite new members and show everybody that MMM opportunities have no limits! :))
    • Last week, the participants from MMM Australia sent a lot of Happiness Letters — the members are happy with the work of the Community, they provide and get help actively. The things are going wonderful. The guiders create videos with the screenshots of their payments, invite new members to participate in MMM. All ways are good for the promotion of MMM, and the proofs of the payments are extremely relevant. Guys, thank you so much for your active work and promotion of MMM! ;-))
    To finish with

    Today, thanks to our Community, millions of people improve their welfare, make their dreams true which seemed impossible for them before.. And we are extremely pleased!:))

    However, don’t forget that MMM is based on the mutual help principle, therefore the stability of the system depends on each participant, including you.

    Provide active help to each other, invite new members. Tell people about us in the social networks and on forums, hold online and offline events. Remember that nobody but you can improve your life. Together we will surely reach our key goal, and will change this world for better! :))

    Stay with us. See you next week!

    Best regards,
    MMM Administration
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