Official News 13.12.2017 How to Wake Up Easier in the Morning

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    MMM is building a new, just world where anyone may find their happy ever-after. However, only highly organized people can attain success and change the world, starting with themselves. In other words, improve your self-discipline.
    Wake up early — and you will do more useful things during the day. “Larks” find it easy to wake up early in the morning, but what about “owls”? Here's four tips to help you get out of bed early.

    Set your alarm clock to the right time
    Experiments by psychologists show that people find it particularly hard to wake up at 6 AM sharp. It's related to biorhythms that affect the body. Therefore, set your alarm clock to a little before or after 6 AM. A good wake-up time is 6:30 AM.
    Have a snack before going to bed
    Don't starve yourself after 6 PM and don't have hearty meals before going to bed. Both an empty stomach and a hearty meal won't let you have a good night's rest. Steer a middle course — a snack an hour before going to bed. You could have some lean cottage cheese or yoghurt, fruit, nuts, boiled chicken. Avoid tonic beverages such as coffee and tea.

    Put your alarm clockat some distance
    Put your alarm clock somewhere where you cannot reach it with your hand. Then you will have to get up and turn it off shaking off some sleep. Set the alarm clock to wake you up with a soothing tune and a gradually increasing alarm volume. Harsh loud music in the morning may stress you out, so don't use it.
    Have a contrast shower
    Contrast shower will wake and freshen you up once and for all. As soon as you turn off the alarm clock, go to the bathroom. Have one minute of hot shower, then one minute of chilly shower. Sleepy mood will vanished as if by magic. Your body will be loaded with energy, your mind — with optimism.
    These simple tips will help you wake up early and remain with a positive outlook for the entire day. Join MMM, earn a high percentage of the help provided and improve your self-discipline!
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