Official News 14.02.2018 Restarting your life in a month: challenge yourself

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    The МММ Community builds a new fair world in which everyone will live happily! If unsatisfied with your own life - don’t blame in it anyone except you. Change internally and change your way of looking at the world. Defy yourself and prove that you are able to improve yourself.

    You are offered special practices that will help you step out of your comfort zone and develop useful traits of character. Choose a number of items from the list below and implement them daily. Within a month, you will notice positive developments in your life.
    • Tell people about their positive traits. We often tend to see negativity in others and don’t notice positive things. Readjust yourself - look for positive qualities in people and tell them about it. Thus you will please them and benefit yourself - will become more attentive and kinder.
    • Speak to strangers. Don’t be afraid of starting a conversation first. Put the people simple questions sort of “how can I get to the bus stop?” Ask to help you in small things - for example, in holding a shop front door for you, and etc. Also be willing to offer help yourself. The main purpose is to overcome the fear of talking to strangers and develop your confidence.
    • Walk not less than half an hour a day. During walking your mood is improving and you get inspired. Watch at passersby, pay attention to the way they look and act. So you develop observation skills and learn to be compassionate.
    • Limit social media communication and reading the news sites. Devote 20-30 minutes for using social networking and the same length of time for watching the news. You will begin to have much more spare time than earlier. Spend it to your advantage.
    • Overcome fear. Fears prevent a man from moving forward - don’t hide but face them. Should you have a fear of heights - go up to the high bridge and look down. If you afraid of sleeping in the dark - turn off the light and think about pleasant things until you fall asleep. So you will develop determination and become stronger.
    • Don’t complain. Even if you have a positive attitude, there are sometimes situations that can put you out of temper. Once you have encountered negativity, don’t hurry to let your anger out on others - they have enough to worry about already. Learn to reconsider situations and benefit from negativity.
    Apply these practices daily and rise above yourself. Participate in MMM, get high interest rates of the Provide Help sum and change your life for the better!
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