Official News 14.03.2018 Hyperledger: a huge demand for Blockchain technology is expected this year

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    Blockchain technology is rapidly entering into our daily life - specialists from different fields show a great interest in it. There is no wonder, since the technology has limitless potential which is capable of fundamental changes to be brought about in all existing systems.

    Blockchain technology - solving planet-scale problems

    Brian Behlendorf, the executive director of blockchain consortium Hyperledger, is confident in a great demand for Blockchain technologies in 2018. To his opinion, the states and big companies will start actively using distributed ledger and smart contracts technology.

    Hyperledger has already prepared a large scale plan on introducing blockchain technologies in various sectors: healthcare, business, banking services, industry, trade, and others. Behlendorf said that thus they will be able to solve a lot of global problems.

    Focusing on compatibility and interaction of different blockchains

    Behlendorf also noted that all developers will focus on compatibility and possibility of a clear interaction among different blockchains. As of today, the consortium has prepared a number of projects to study this area of technologies.

    Besides, Hyperledger intends to give special attention to developing blockchains with restricted access - neither private nor public. To add a new node to such blockchain, it is necessary to comply with a certain set of network regulations. It is these regulations that the consortium is going to develop in the current year.
    Hopefully, the consortium will manage to implement its plans, and in the near future we will witness progressive changes in many areas of public life.

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