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    Hey everyone! Last week our Mutual Aid Community grew even stronger. A lot of active new members and ambitious leaders joined us. We're growing and gaining momentum by the minute, moving steadily towards the target goal — building a new just world.

    As usual, out Community hosted a lot of outstanding events, and it would be a shame not to mention them in this weekly digest. Here we go! :))
    • The Brazilian team hosted a detailed two-hour presentation of MMM following which ALL attendees became members of our Mutual Aid Community. It's just perfect! Actually, MMM has become so popular in Brazil we don't have enough time to create WhatsApp groups which simply cannot bear the load of so many users. Each group literally becomes full in a week. :))
    • Having received help, many MMM China members start to actively promote our Community in the web. In blogs, social networks, forums and other platforms where MMM promotion by its members is still very active. We recommend all our members to do the same. Both MMM benefits from it, and you personally are awarded bonuses. :))
    • The Peru team completed another round of training at the offline Guider School. This time the training group was packed full — hurry up and sign up in advance. The same holds true for Columbia that has also brought a lot of new ambitious guides into the system — they're inspired and ready for the hard work for the benefit of our Mutual Aid Community.
    • New member at MMM Mexico think twice before they act. :)) Over half of all newly registered members provide help immediately upon registration. And rightly so — what is there to think about? Follow their lead.
    • Last week Argentina and Ecuador demonstrated unbelievable growth of new help provision cases. Naturally, MMM is developing very actively in these countries, but this surge surpassed all expectations. Well done!
    • MMM Thailand and Myanmar keep up their stable and efficient operations. It's all clear: members receive their payments in full. All amounts are paid promptly. In their turn, members receive help and record Good Luck Letters regularly.
    • Last week Indonesia hosted a whole range of MMM-related offline events throughout the country. This is exactly how a country must be joined in our Community. Recruiting new members throughout the entire country — now, how cool is that? ;-))
    • MMM Australia's official YouTube channel has been publishing Good Look Letters from its members since last week. This is where you can watch and listen to a lot of interesting stories that are regularly published. So come by to check it out. We're waiting for you :))
    • MMM RSA's guides keep arranging offline events and publishing video reports at the “MMM Abroad” section! Each week they host a number of fabulous events and the last week was no exception. ;-))
    • Zimbabwe launched a system-wide Telegram chat for MMM members. Members use the chat to talk, share their expertise, tell their stories, show interesting photos and videos. Communication is in full swing.
    • Kenya, Ghana and Turkey also hosted lots of events. Over 5 events in each country. That is just in a week! In other words, there was an MMM-related event each working day in each of these countries. It's a terrific result!
    • Ghana is currently creating a call center for outgoing calls and recruiting operators. If you want to work for the benefit of MMM Ghana, send in your applications. Contact us via Support. We're waiting for you!
    • Nigeria rewarded winners of a recent competition who had worked really well for the benefit of MMM. The winners were really happy with their prizes. We couldn't leave out the latest charity events in Nigeria. The 7th issue of Mavronews for Africa included an overview of these events.
    • The beginning of last week marked 11 months since MMM Philippines has been operating in a stable and efficient manner while making full payments with no delays. It's an excellent result. In a month we'll be celebrating our first anniversary!
    • As we mentioned before, MMM Turkey hosted lots of terrific offline events. Moreover, it's worth noting that one of the guiders made a wonderful cut-together from Good Luck Letters published by the members of his structure. It was really interesting.
    • Finally, we'd like to add that last week all MMM countries witnessed registration of older Bitcoin users. Even though cryptocurrency used to be an undertaking for the young, now Bitcoin's popularity with older audiences is growing. It's only natural as cryptocurrency is safe and profitable and easy to use since all detailed guidelines are available on our web-site.
    Let's sum up:

    Out Mutual Aid Community continues to move forward rapidly and steadily. We're developing, getting better and stronger by the minute. Progress cannot go unnoticed, and this weekly digest confirms these words.

    We're confident that MMM will continue to grow actively and operate successfully while paying fantastic rates that banks cannot event start to fathom to all members in a steady and efficient manner.

    MMM is building a new just world, and you — MMM members — are its key makers. Remember about this. You're the power!

    See you next week!

    Best regards, MMM Administration
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